Carry On

"Carry On Behind with the `76 touch - The Carry On team....looking a site for sore thighs"

"Man is injured"

"Where?  What man?"

" Is Professor Archaeology ...  Is bleeding terrible.

"Never mind his qualifications!  Is he hurt?"


Turkish Poster

Norwegian Poster


Running Time - 90m Colour Certificate - A
Budget - 217,000 UK Release - December 1975
Shot - 10 March 1975 - 18 April 1975
Foreign Titles
Denmark - The Wacky Campers Germany - Everything Backfires
Hungary - Carry On Digging Italy - Camping Cheerleader
Sweden - Now We take the Romans Turkey - A Taste of Honey


The Stars

Elke Sommer
Kenneth Williams
Bernard Bresslaw
Kenneth Connor
Jack Douglas
Joan Sims
Peter Butterworth
Windsor Davies
Liz Fraser
Patsy Rowlands
Ian Lavender
Adrienne Post
Patricia Franklin
Donald Hewlett
Carol Hawkins
David Lodge
Marianne Stone
George Layton
Brian Osborne
Larry Dann
Diana Darvey
Jenny Cox
Sherrie Hewson
Billy Cornelius
Jeremy Connor
Alexandra Dane
Sam Kelly
Johnny Briggs

Professor Voushka
Professor Crump
Arthur Upmore
Major Lee
Ernie Bragg
Daphne Barnes
Mr Barnes
Fred Ramsden
Sylvia Ramsden
Linda Upmore
Joe Baxter
Norma Baxter
Vera Bragg
Mrs Rowan
Man Eating Salad
Lady in Revealing Dress

The Crew
Peter Rogers
Gerald Thomas
Talbot Rothwell
Eric Rogers
Ernest Steward BSc
Alfred Roome



Filmed on the same field as Camping, it could be considered Carry On Camping – the Return, and we lose half of our regulars to be replaced by competent comedians but not true Carry Oners.   The first in a long time not to be written by Talbot Rothwell and this does show.  Where Talbot Rothwell was clever with taking normal situations and giving them a comedic twist with perhaps a classic one-liner or retort, Dave Freeman is more repetitive and crude.   It is a sad point where we have to resort to Kenneth flashing his bum for a cheap laugh.

Surprisingly, Elke Sommer is very good as Professor Voushka, who with Professor Crump (Kenneth Williams) is sent on an archaeological expedition to a caravan site, where other caravaners are enjoying their holidays.  We have Ernie (Jack Douglas) and Fred (Windsor Davies) away under the pretensions of fishing when all Fred wants to do is catch birds not fish.  Arthur (Bernard Bresslaw) and Linda (Patsy Rowlands) are enjoying a week with the nagging mother-in-law (Joan Sims).  The only problem with the story is that it is very disjointed.  Each caravan has little interaction with their neighbours and so the formula is very similar to Regardless and Loving and again we are treated to even more flesh with the topless dancer starting and ending the action.