The Marco Players
30th April - 3rd May 2014 - Meth. Church Hall, Bolton

"The Marco Players refuse to let sleeping bags lie"

120 mins

The Cast
Connor O`Beirne
Paul Roberts
Diane Pepper
Sharon Shaw
Peter Parry
Jason Crompton
Laura Roberts
Gail Costello
Julie Hall
Martin Pierce
Gareth Mabon, Mark Weatherall, Irene Smith, Gilly Blair, Ian Duckworth, Ruth Morley, Lindsay Taylor and David Holt
Sid Boggle
Bernie Lugg
Joan Fussy
Anthea Meeks
Charlie Muggins
Dr Soaper
Miss Haggard
Harriet Potter
Peter Potter
Other Characters
The Crew
Originally Written
Adapted & Produced
Talbot Rothwell
Jason Crompton
Peter Parry



The story sees Sid Boggle and his friend Bernie Lugg engineer a holiday to a nudist camp in the hope of tricking their prim-and-proper girlfriends Joan Fussey and Anthea Meeks into showing some skin. But the campsite turns out to be non-nudist and the girlfriends refuse to share tents with the boys.

Things hot up when a group of Chayste Place finishing school girls set up camp, under guidance of Dr Soaper (played by director Jason Crompton) and matron Miss Haggard.

This is when the famous Babs Windsor “bra scene” unfolds, during a vigorous aerobics session — Gail Costello skilfully “loses” her bra with her back to the audience and to much hilarity. Other campers include the braying Harriet Potter and long-suffering husband Peter.

All the actors put in a confident performance, with many echoes of the famous characters in the film, great comic timing and oodles of energy.