Carry On

"That hilarious Carry On shower in another riot of laughter" 

"Look in on Mrs Bottomley at No 24.  She's complaining of suspicious activities in the rear of her premise." 


UK Poster


Running Time - 86m Black & White Certificate - A
Budget - 82,500 UK Release - February 1960
Shot - 9 November 1959 - 18 December 1959
Foreign Titles
Denmark - Watch Out For the Cops Germany - These Sturdy Policeman
Hungry - Go On Policemen South America - Four Agents of Disorder


The Stars

Sidney James
Eric Barker
Kenneth Connor
Charles Hawtrey
Kenneth Williams
Leslie Phillips
Joan Sims
Hattie Jacques
Shirley Eaton
Cyril Chamberlain
Joan Hickson
Irene Handl
Terence Longden
Jill Adams
Freddie Mills
Esma Cannon
Noel Dyson
Robin Ray

Sergeant Wilkins
Inspector Mills
Charlie Constable
Sp. Constable Gorse
Constable Benson
Constable Porter
Gloria Passworthy
Sergeant Laura Moon
Constable Thurston
Mrs May
Distraught Woman
Herbert Hall
First Crook
Deaf Woman

The Crew

Peter Rogers
Gerald Thomas
Norman Hudis, based on
an idea by Brock Williams
Bruce Montgomery
Ted Scaife BSc
John Shirley




To a police station, severely decimated by flu, are sent four policemen, fresh from the academy whose chaotic actions actually assist criminals not apprehend them.

Sid James, in his first Carry On film, is Sergeant Wilkins, whose job it is to get the newcomers into shape, assisted by girlfriend Sergeant Moon (Hattie Jacques) and hindered by Inspector Mills (Eric Barker). They are faced with posh tennis-playing Constable Potter (Leslie Phillips), superstitious Constable Constable (Kenneth Connor) who falls for WPC Passworthy (Joan Sims) but won't do anything about it until his horoscope tells him he can. Constable Benson (Kenneth Williams) has advanced theories about forensic physiognomy and Special Constable Gorse (Charles Hawtrey) brings his usual flair to his camp role, and both officers end up in drag to try and foil a gang of shoplifters but inevitably are arrested tthemselves.

The rookie recruits, who are sleeping in spare cells, each take their turn on the beat and many comic incidents ensue such as dogs running amok, old women being harassed, robbers aided and the general public perplexed, but all ends well when the foursome arrest a notorious wage-snatching gang and all is forgiven.

Very much a piece of the time, or perhaps the sort of thing Will Hay would be in.  Sid James makes his debut, replacing Ted Ray due to contractual problems, and does a good job of playing the stern Sgt Wilkins.  The least successful of the earlier Carry Ons, perhaps due to the slight change in style of comedy.

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