Carry On

The Carry On crew in a luxury laughter-cruise"

"A captain must understand his men so I'm going to use a psychological approach. I don't claim to be a Jung man..."

"So long as your Jung at heart, Sir."


UK Poster

UK Poster


Running Time - 88m Colour Certificate - U
Budget - £140,000 UK Release - April 1962
Shot - 8 January 1962 - 16 February 1962
Foreign Titles
Germany - The Ships Cook is Seasick Greece - Mediterranean Cruise
Denmark - Girls at Sea South America - Watch Out for the Cabins


The Stars

Sidney James
Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Connor
Liz Fraser
Dilys Laye
Esma Cannon
Lance Percival
Jimmy Thompson
Ronnie Stephens
Vincent Ball
Cyril Chamberlain
Willoughby Goddard
Ed Devereaux
Brian Rawlinson
Anton Rodgers
Anthony Sagar

Captain Crowther
Leonard Marjoribanks

Arthur Binn
Glad Trimble
Flo Castle
Bridget Madderley
Wilfred Haines
Sam Turner
Drunk Man
Tom Tree
Very Fat Man
Young Officer
Young Man
First Cook

The Crew
Peter Rogers
Gerald Thomas
Norman Hudis from a
story by Eric Barker
Bruce Montgomery
Alan Hume BSc
Archie Ludski



Carry On Cruising was the last of the films written by Norman Hudis and the first colour Carry On, although they do revert to black and white.  The Captain (Sid James) likes routine and familiar faces around him and on this, his 10th, voyage he is faced by a load of unwelcome newcomers including a snooty first officer (Kenneth Williams), a shy doctor (Kenneth Connor) and a chef (Lance Percival) who battles seasickness and makes omelettes by dropping a bowl full of whole eggs and then telling his assistant to sieve out all the shells.

Two of the lady passengers, Glad Trimble (Liz Fraser) and Flo Castle (Dilys Laye), have come on a husband-hunting spree, and both fall for the shipís fitness instructor, but Flo is later serenaded secretly by the doctor, who finally plucks up the courage to ask her out.  Esma Cannon turns in a star performance as a twittering little passenger who enters into all the fun and games on board ship including visiting the bar, which is also inhabited by Ronnie Stevens who spends the entire cruise in various states of intoxication.  The barman, who is another new recruit, spends his time trying to make the Captainís favourite drink, for which only the old barman knew the recipe.

The film gives a good impression of fun at sea, (even though it never actually made it to the ocean as a full size replica including cabins, pools and bars was built at Pinewood Studios) and the crew all pull together in a typical Carry On happy ending.


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