Carry On

"It's the biggest bang of the war"

"This is one of these new mixed batteries"

"So that's what the Brigadier meant when he said that this battery was an experiment"

"Experiment, Sir?  They do not need to experiment.  They gets at it right away and all the time".


New Zealand DVD

German Poster


Running Time - 89m Colour Certificate - AA
Budget - 250,000 UK Release - October 1976
Shot - 3 May 1976 - 4 June 1976
Foreign Titles
Germany - Saviour of the Nation Finland - Lets Go England
Italy - Mixed Barracks


The Stars
Kenneth Connor
Windsor Davies
Judy Geeson
Patrick Mower
Jack Douglas
Joan Sims
Melvyn Hayes
Peter Butterworth
Diane Langton
Julian Holloway
Peter Jones
David Lodge
Larry Dann
Brian Osborne
Johnny Briggs
Patricia Franklin
Linda Hooks

Cpt S Melly
Sgt-Maj Bloomer
Sgt Willing
Sgt Able
Bombardier Ready
Pvt. Sharp
Gunner Shorthouse
Major Carstairs
Private Easy
Major Butcher
Cpt Bull
Gunner Sure
Gunner Owen
Cpt Melly's Driver
Crpl Cook
Army Nurse

The Crew
Peter Rogers
Gerald Thomas
Talbot Rothwell
Max Harris
Ernest Steward BSc
Richard Marden



Back to where we started in 1958 with Sergeant but the subject content couldn’t be more different.   Captain S Melly is sent to a new type of mixed barracks to whip the men (and unusually in this barracks, the women) into shape.  As the previous Commander found out, the recruits aren’t very keen on discipline or anyone disturbing their extra-curricular nightly activities, but when Melly attempts this they fight back.

This is a Carry On in name only.  Not only is it sorely missing its major stars and the theatrics that Williams, James and Hawtrey brought to previous films, it is just not funny.  Windsor Davies reprises his role from It Ain’t Half Hot Mum and the comic skills of Patrick Mower are non-existent.  Kenneth Connor is miscast in the role of S Melly playing an anti-hero that is not really his forte and this showed in the poor box office takings and is way way below average. This one is the start of the end.


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