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The popular actor best-known as Charlie Hungerford in TV's Bergerac, has a single scene in Regardless as the frustrated Husband who can't understand a word his German wife is saying. He Died on the 28th May 2009 from Parkinson's Disease aged 86.

ALLEN, Keith

He was one of the stars of The Comic Strip Presents... series and appeared as the corpse Hugo, in Shallow Grave.  As 'Fat Les' he composed the unofficial England Football World Cup 1998 Song "Vindaloo".  He appears in Columbus as Pepe the Poisoner. Father of Lily Allen.

ALLEN, Patrick

He was the narrator on Don't Lose Your Head, Doctor and Up the Khyber. He was famed for voice overs, and famously voiced The Governments Nuclear Warnings, but had a long career as an actor. He first appeared in Hitchcock's Dial M For Murder and played to type in I Was Monty's Double, Night Of the Big Heat, Who Dares Wins and many more. He was Born in Malawi in 1927, upon moving to the UK as a child, he was then evacuated to Canada during World War II and studied at the Montreal's McGill University. After finishing collage he worked as a local radio presenter and went on to do television. He returned to the UK in 1947 and was cast in many BBC series, most notably the futurist The Survivors. Died 28th July 2008 aged 79.


Author of many bizarre comedies, including The Bed-Sitting Room, contributed some script additions to Sergeant and appears briefly in Constable, harassing the duty officer. He also has a small part in Carry On Columbus as a manservant. 


Plays the eager long haired photographer Larry in Girls, is a well known face from many TV series including Please Sir and Dixon of Dock Green.  He appeared in most of the Confession of a ... films, and recently appeared in U-571.  He has written and directed several productions.



She was born in Nottingham in 1939 and went straight on to LAMBA from school, she made her acting debut before she graduated, appearing in an episode of The Vise and the film, The Grip of the Strangler. She acted mainly in small roles on the screen, appearing in shows like Dixon of Dock Green, Moonstrike, and worked with Sid James on Taxi! before going on to play Honoria In Constable. She also worked in the rep. theatre.  She retired from acting to have a family and taught at The Alexander Technique. She died in 1969 from a heart attack.


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