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  One of the stars of TV's Love Thy Neighbour, is an uncredited member of the Nosher tribe in Up The Jungle. Her most famous role was Barbie in the controversial 'Love They Neighbour'.

BAKSH, Shakira

Who plays Scrubba, one of Gladstone Screwer's many wives in Again Doctor, was Miss Guyana in the 1967 Miss World contest.  She also became Michael Caine's wife.

BALL, Vincent

The handsome Australian actor who appeared in many British films of the fifties and sixties including A Town Like Alice, joined the Carry On team for two films.  In Cruising, he is the keep fit instructor who makes all the girls go weak at the knees, whilst in Follow That Camel he is the ship's officer who "checks Lady Ponsonby's porthole"


Actor and comedian who made his name string with his wife Pearl Hackney in the radio programmes Merry -Go-Round and Just Fancy, was associated with a number of early Carry Ons.  He was the eccentric Captain Potts in Sergeant, the indecisive Inspector Mills in Constable, and the chief in Spying.  In addition, Cruising is based on one of his stories.  He suffered a stroke which paralysed him down one side and ended his Carry On career, but nevertheless, he returned for a small cameo, as the ancient General who enjoys the happenings under the dinner table in Emmannuelle. Died 1st June 1990, aged 78.

BARRIE, Amanda

Started he Carry On career as a Glamcab driver in Cabby and graduated to the title role in Cleo.  Born Shirley Ann Broadbent in Ashton-Under-Lyme, she entered showbiz as one of Lionel Blair's dancers but first came to public attention as the hostess in the quiz show Double Your Money.  In Cabby, she is one of the leggy lovelies whose ambition is to drive the men of the roads, but her Carry On highlight is undoubtedly her single-minded suburban Cleopatra who temps Sid James' Marc Antony on to ever bigger and better things.  In Cleo, there is an apt description of her as "a siren of the Nile", whose "hair is as black as ebony", whose "face is like and Ivory Goddess", and whose "neck is like a swan".  Her comic rendering of the famous Egyptian Queen cocks a cheeky dig at Elizabeth Taylor in the more expensive version of this epic story.  Barrie is more famously remembered as the buttie queen Alma Baldwin in Coronation Street.

BARRY, Hilda

Barry was born in Edmonton, London in 1885 and spent most of her carrer on TV shows in smaller roles. Her longest run was as Mrs Viney in the series The Railway Chilrden. She played the glum Grandma Grubb in Loving. She died in 1979.  Died May 29, 1979 (age 94) in Islington, London, England, UK.


Bayntun played very similar roles in all the Carry Ons she appeared in, as the battleaxe. She was Mrs Fussey in Camping, Mrs Tuttle in Abroad, Mrs Jenkins in Matron, Mrs Sprogg in Convenience and Corset Customer in Loving. As a stage actress she was always in demand, but only appeared on screen now and again. She was born in 1919 in Islington, London. She was remembered for roles in Z Cars and Dixon of Dock Green, but her last role was her biggest, in the comedy series Dear Mother...Love Albert. She died in 1988 aged 88.


She was born the daughter of musical comedy actress Roma Beaumont and producer Alfred Black in 1936. She went to RADA for just one term, but soon found a job in pantomime briefly before going on to dance for Norman Wisdom at the London Palladium and in Limelight. She became a Rank contractee at nineteen and became a leading lady in a bag of films from the 50's, such as Eyewitness, The Spaniard's Curse, No Safety Ahead and Man of the Moment. She appeared in Nurse as the perky Francis James. She died in February 25, 2020.

BECK, James

In Carry On Loving we see him as Mr Roxby (the scene was cut) but he is more instantly recognisable as the spiv from Dad's Army.  Died August 6, 1973 (age 44) in Roehampton, London.


She was a child actress who joined the Corona Academy at the age of eleven, appearing on the screen and BBC children's drama The Thompson Family and on the stage in the West End in The Visit. In the 60's onwards she appeared in popular programmes such as Within These Walls, Rumpole of the Bailey and Compact. Her Carry On appearance was as Penny Le in Teacher. She occasionally returns to do the odd TV part and has directed in various London regional theatres., but now directs various amateur productions on the Isle of Wight where she now lives.


She played the Cynical Lady in Emmannuelle. possibly best know for her role in the long running TV drama Upstairs, Downstairs as Lady Prudence, but was also in The Doctor Series and The Duchess of Duke Street. She made cinema appearances in classics as The Bridal Path and Murder Alley. She died in 1981.


Tanya was born in Australia in 1946 and was a successful model and TV personality before she even arrived in the UK. She became best known as a top cover-girl for Australian magazines, but did appear in a few New Zealand films - Runaway and Don't Let It Get You. Her Carry On appearance was in Cleo as Virginia.


A regular face on British Television, and perhaps best known in recent years for the role of Frank in The Vicar Of Dibley, but has appeared in The Saint, Inspector Morse, The Goodies and Q5 amongst others. He also appeared in many films - Casino Royale, Fifth Element, Doctor in Trouble, Superman 3 and many more. He was born in Poland, but grew up in Australia, coming to the UK in the 50's, working his way through theatre, television and films. He played the waiter in Spying, Clotski in Follow That Camel and Tailor in Henry. Died in November 15, 2018 in Sydney, Australia.

BOA, Bruce

Born in England and then moved to Canada where he played Professional Football in Calgary, he graced our screens upon returning to these shores in the 50's with The Champions, Dempsey and Makepeace and Kavanagh QC; basically when an American was required. He was also in much demand in the films - The Omen, Octopussy, The Empire Strikes Back and Full Metal Jacket to name a few. I suspect he will be remembered most for his role as the complaining American guest in Fawlty Towers. He died in 2004.

BOON, Eric

He played Shorty in Constable and a Second in Regardless. Eric Boon made a few film and TV appearances; The Gambler and The Lady and Champagne Charlie, playing hard characters or boxers, which he did professionally, reigning as British Lightweight Campion 1938-1944, being only 18 years old. He entered the RAF in the Second World War and upon demobbing boxed in Australia, USA and Australia. He passed away in 1981 aged 61.


Famous as the Steptoe Senior, plays another "dirty old man" in Again Doctor - a long suffering patient who need regular hormone injection.  He was born in Dublin in 1912 to an Opera singing mother and a brewer. He entertained the troops in The Great War aged only 2, which must have stayed in his blood as he toured with the ENSA for the Armed Services, before going on to reps in Bromley and Bristol to name a few. He did a plethora of films like Holiday On The Buses and Crooks In Cloisters. He was married, but divorced his wife after she had a child by another man. He died in 1985.

BRIGGS, Johnny

Better known as the Coronation Street's Mike Baldwin, playing this part since 1976, he appears as one of the kilted Third Foot and Mouth Regiment in Up The Khyber, as a plasterer in Behind, as the Major's put upon driver in England and appeared in the Carry On Television episode The Case of the Coughing Parrot. He was born in London, UK in 1935 and at 12 he won a scholarship to Italia Conti Stage School. Upon finishing National Service he became a regular screen actor in the likes of 633 Squadron and The Office Party. He died in February 28, 2021


He made his name in the sixties in films like The Knack and Cathy Come Home, plays Georgio, the bartender who broadens Evelyn Blunt's horizons in Abroad.  He is now well-known as the star of the TV series Big Deal and Running Wild.  He also provided the voices to some children's series like Mr Ben.


The Popular comedienne, star of many revues and stage shows including Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Hello Dolly, has a lively role as the NAAFI girl who falls for the weakling Horace Strong in Sergeant.   She won a British Academy for her performance in A Taste of Honey. She Died in July 23, 2014, Brighton, UK.


He appeared in Convenience as the Hotel Manager. Born in Kent, UK in 1921, worked in the theatre for a while before performing in films such as, The Wooden Horse, The Green Scarf, A Clockwork Orange, The Bitch and The Long Arm. His biggest role was as Q (Major Boothroyd) in Dr No. He was unavailable for the second film, From Russia With Love and so Desmond Llewelyn made the part his. He also appeared in ATV series such as The Saint and The Avengers. Died on November 21, 1989 in London, England.

BYRNE, Peter

Well remembered as Detective Crawford, the son-in-law of TV's Dixon of Dock Green, has a small role in Cabby as a bridegroom. Born in 1926, he left school and entered the employ of a theatrical agent, upon entering the Conti Italia School he was soon working for Lewis Gilbert in his documentary, Sailors Do Care. He later joined Will Hay on radio and Jack Hylton in revue. After appearing in numerous West End productions; There's a Girl in My Soup and Mousetrap, which he went on to direct. He Died in May 14, 2018.


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