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CAIN, Simon

He was born in Orpington in Kent and attended Banstead Residential School before going off to Australia for schooling. Whilst living in Perth, selling TV's he became interested in amateur dramatics and upon moving to Sydney started to appear in small parts on the stage. He eventually moved on to film and television with productions like The Merchant of Venice and Once Upon a Mattress. He returned to the UK in 1964 working at St. Martins Theatre. His other TV work includes Dr Who and Doomwatch. His Carry On appearances are Short in Cowboy, Riff in Follow That Camel, Teaboy in Doctor, Bagpipe player in Khyber, X-Ray operative in Again Doctor and Barman in Convenience. He Died in May 1, 2019.



Esma adds her unique style of twittering comedy to the Carry On series in several roles. Her first appearance is in Constable, where she plays a little old lady, who having just successfully crossed a road one way, is escorting back the way she has come by an over-eager Kenneth Williams. In Regardless, she is Sid’s assistant at the agency and causes chaos with her new filing system. In Cabby, she plays Flo, a doddery battleaxe determined to drive her husband’s cab. In Cruising she is a high-spirited passenger who joins in all the activities and is called a ‘mad little pixie’ by the Captain.  She was born in Australia and came to Britain in the early Thirties and was cast in many roles, usually as a busybody or maiden aunt. She found a wider audience when she appeared in The Rag Trade but found her own niche in the Carry Ons. She Died in 1972 in Camden, London.

CARGILL, Patrick

Patrick has been associated with three Carry Ons, two as an actor and one as creator. He collaborated with Jack Searle in creating the idea on which Nurse was based and he had small parts in Jack (as Spanish governor Dom Luise) and Regardless. Cargill was born in London in 1918, training to be an officer in India, before returning to  the UK to enter acting. In World War II he went to India again as an Entertainments Officer, but eventually returned to the UK to write scripts for the likes of Time on Their Hands and Ring for Catty. In the 60's he moved in to TV, with memorable roles in The Prisoner, The Avengers and his own show Father, Dear Father. His film credits include The Beatles Help and Up Pompeii. Died  May 23, 1996 (age 77) in Richmond, England.


Roy plays the captain of the British Forces in Up The Khyber, Captain Keen, who falls in love with Princess Jelhi, daughter of the Khasi of Kalibar. He plays the part in a very straight, British manner which enhances the comedy in the infamous dinner scene when chaos abounds as the officers are sitting down to supper. He was a multi-talented artiste adept in trumpet-playing and dancing (he holds a tap dancing world record) and has been in many stage productions such as Pickwick with Harry Secombe and Singin’ In The Rain with Tommy Steele. He started as a stooge for Jimmy James but he is perhaps best remembered for his own TV show Record Breakers. He died from Lung Cancer on September 2, 1994 (age 62) in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, England.


Cyril was an indispensable supporting actor in many British films usually playing a solid dependable character and he appeared as such in Sergeant, Nurse, Teacher, Constable, Regardless, Cruising and Cabby. Died April 30, 1974 (age 65) in Builth, Wales

CLARY, Julian

He came to fame as the camp, Joan Collins Fan Club on Friday Night Live.  He has toned down his appearance in recent years leaving off most of the make-up and dropping his dog, Fanny, from the act.  He has appeared in various TV programmes for example Sticky Moments.  He appears in Columbus as Don Juan Diego, who accompanies Christopher Columbus (Jim Dale) on his journey to the Americas.

CLUNES, Martin

He has a small cameo in Columbus as Martin.  Clunes will be very familiar as Gary in TV's Men Behaving Badly.  He has, in recent years, ventured in film with Staggered, which he also directed and he is also makes regular guest appearances in Harry Enfield's TV Programme.

CONNOR, Jeremy

Jeremy was no stranger to the world of Carry On as his father was Kenneth Connor, who starred in many of them. Jeremy, himself, made his first appearance in Nurse when he was just three and a half, as Bernie Bishop’s (Kenneth Connor) son. He later reappeared full grown, as a footpad in Dick, a student watching a film in Behind and a gunner in England.


Pat is perhaps best known for her roles in TV sitcoms, especially You Only Live Twice in which she starred with Peggy Mount. She appears in two Carry On films, first in Doctor, where she plays one of the rebellious patients, and then in Again Doctor, where she plays the new snooty matron. She passed away in May 2002 aged 75.

COPE, Kenneth

Kenneth’s first Carry On role is that of the troublesome shop steward, Vic in At Your Convenience who spends all his time quoting union rules from his NUKIE handbook. His second Carry On film was Matron, in which he plays the son of a petty thief, who gets roped in to infiltrating the maternity hospital disguised as a nurse, where he has to cope with lecherous Doctors and assist in the delivery of triplets. His other work includes the role of Sonny Jim in Coronation Street, and That Was The Week That Was. In later years he became famous playing the role of the ghost, Hopkirk in Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). He has also written scripts for TV.


Harry H is perhaps best known as Harold from the TV series, Steptoe and Son, a role he played for 13 years. He appeared only in Carry On Screaming, as the inept Detective Inspector Bung, who makes a hash of his investigation into the cases of several disappearing women, missing clues and relying on dumb luck to solve the case. He was awarded on OBE in 1976 and died in March 21, 1982 (age 57) in Hastings, England.

CRAWFORD, Howard Marion

He plays a small cameo part in Regardless where he is one of the wine tasters, but he is perhaps best known for his radio work, at which he was known as ‘the man with the thousand voices’. He died in 1969. 


He joined the early Carry Ons with three major roles. He took the lead in Jack, as the gentlemanly greenhorn Midshipman Poop-Decker who is robbed of his clothes, captured by the press-gang and consigned to menial duties below decks.  Against all odds, he becomes the hero of the British Navy.  In Spying, he plays Harold Crump, one of the bungling secret agents who can destroy even the best laid plans.  He does, however get the girl, in the shape of Barbara Windsor. He returned right at the end with Columbus, playing Mendosa, sidekick to Columbus.  A light comedy actor and recording artiste who specialises in nonsense songs, Cribbins has starred in many films including children's feature The Railway Children, The Water Babies & Doctor Who.  He has also indulged in TV with roles in Fawlty Towers and all the voices of The Wombles. He Died in July 27, 2022.


Her face became known to British TV viewers as the long-running half of the comedy duo that advertised Philadelphia Cheese.  She has been more successful than her partner, appearing as one of the brides in Four Weddings And A Funeral and guest spots on various comedy shows.  In Carry On Columbus she takes the major female role as Fatima, the spy sent by the Sultan of Turkey (Rik Mayall) to sabotage Christopher Columbus' (Jim Dale) journey.  She married Toby Dale, Jim Dale's son whilst filming was taking place. They have since divorced.


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