Irregularly D


Following her performance in the film The Stud, she became known as The Body. She also impersonated Lady Di opposite Mike Yarwood’s Prince Charles on his show and she is a regular panelist on game shows, such as Blankety Blank. She has also been a hostess on 3-2-1 and played a robot in Dr Who. Her only Carry On role is the titular role in Emmannuelle where she plays the sexy, sex-mad wife of Emile Prevert played by Kenneth Williams.


Jerry appears in Carry On Regardless, playing the part of an actor wanting someone to rehearse with. He was, however, best remembered as a straight men for comics Sid Field and Norman Windsor. He was also a well-known music hall artiste in his own right. Died February 11, 1967 (age 58) in London.


Angela starred in four Carry Ons, three of them as the romantic interest set against the fumbling charmer played by Jim Dale. In Cowboy she stars as the sharp-shooter Annie Oakley, who trains Marshall P Knutt to get rid of the Rumpo Kid. In Screaming she plays Jim’s girlfriend who gets turned into a shop window dummy. In Follow That Camel, she is Lady Jane Ponsonby, who travels to the desert in search of her intended, Beau Geste, and encounters many men on the way, who want to ‘punch her ticket’. Her final Carry On is Up The Khyber in which she plays Princess Jelhi, daughter of the Khazi of Kalabar, who falls for the dashing English officer, Captain Keene, played by Roy Castle. In all of her roles she plays an innocent young lady on the surface but underneath she is full of passion and willing to fight for what she wants. She started out as a teenage actress in repertory and continued on to play in stage shows and films. She reduced her acting commitments to concentrate on her home life, when she married Kenneth More, but returned to work after his death. She also added writing to her accomplishments, publishing her autobiography and contributing to newspapers and magazines. She still makes appearances on some TV shows such as Give Us A Clue.


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