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EATON, Shirley

Shirley is, perhaps, best known as the girl who was painted gold, from head to toe, in the James Bond film Goldfinger. She starting acting as a child and later had an act with Max Bygraves at the London Palladium. She starred in three of the first four Carry Ons. In Sergeant she plays Mary, the bride whose husband is called up into the army on their wedding day, and follows him to camp and gets a job in the canteen so that she can see her beloved. In Nurse, she plays Dorothy, a nurse who falls for a patient under her care and finally gets him when he is discharged. In Constable, she receives counselling from Constable Potter, when she gets jitters before her wedding, but all comes right in the end. She stopped acting in 1968 to concentrate on her family.


Emmett was a well-known commentator who worked for Gaumont British News and later for Universal News during the 30’s and 40’s and he provides the voice of the narrator in Carry On Cleo. Died June 7, 1971 (age 68) in Ealing, London.

ESSEX, David

David, the renowned pop singer and actor, didn’t actually appear in a finished version of a Carry On as his role hit the cutting room floor before the film was aired. He did have a small part in Henry.


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