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Fenella is as much at home playing strong, dramatic roles as she is in a comedy. Her sultry beauty and sexy drawl serve her just as well in both. She starred in Hedda Gabler and The Doll’s House as well as the TV version of The Importance of Being Earnest but she allowed her comedy to come more to the fore in her films playing a humorous vamp. This is well illustrated in her Carry On roles. In Regardless she is Penny Panting, who asks for a male baby sitter but is actually after a man – to make her husband jealous. Perhaps her most famous Carry On role, however, is that of Valeria in Screaming, where she plays a real vamp and is up to sinister goings-on with her brother, the ‘undead’ Dr Watt. Died in September 11, 2018.


He has played several small roles in the Carry On series.  He is Sir Edmund Burke in Doctor, in Camping he plays the irate farmer looking for the father of his daughter's child, in Loving he is Bishop, in Henry he reprises his role as the irate farmer and his largest role is that of Arthur, the miserable security guard in Matron.  He is also in Abroad as the Abbot, Brother Martin, head of the order of monks over Bernard Bresslaw.  He is a comedy actor, long associated with sitcoms where he invariably plays a vicar or company boss. Died  March 27, 1984 (age 60) in Wimbledon, London.


Liz was born in 1933 as Elizabeth Winch. She started in showbusiness in Tony Hancock’s TV series but became better known playing the dumb blonde types in films like I’m All Right, Jack and Up The Junction. She was actually in four Carry Ons, three of the earlier ones and one of the later ones. Her first appearance was in Carry On Cabby, where she runs the tea bar in the men’s taxi office and acts as a spy in the male camp. In Cruising she plays Gladys Trimble, a passenger trying to find herself a man, and in Regardless, she is one of the Helping Hands, eager to get stuck in to any assignment. Her final Carry On role was towards the end of the series in Carry On Behind, in which she plays Sylvia, wife of Fred (Windsor Davies), who allows her husband to go away for a weekend of fishing with his mate Ernie, while she goes to a health resort with Ernie’s wife. At the same time as this Carry On she also played several parts in the Confessions Of A … films and can now often be seen on game shows such as Give Us A Clue. Died in September 6, 2018.

FURSE, Judith

Judith specialised in ruthless characters which matched her large strong figure. She was in three Carry Ons, the first Regardless, in which she plays a dragon of a school teacher. In Cabby she is a battleaxe and in Spying, she played her largest role as Dr Crow, the evil leader of STENCH. Died  August 29, 1974 (age 62) in Canterbury, England. Died in August 29, 1974.


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