Irregularly G


She started her career as a sexy teenager in films like To Sir, With Love and Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush stars as Sergeant Tilly Willing opposite Patrick Mower's Ken Able in England. Older sister to Sally.


Judy's younger sister, is best known as Sid James' daughter in TV series Bless This House.  She plays a young, leggy girls in two Carry Ons - Lily in Abroad and Debra in Girls.


He started his Carry On Life as a petty gangster, Dancy in Cabby, he rose to the rank of gallery master in Cleo; is glimpsed as the gentleman cad, Captain Bagshaw, who shoot's himself at the beginning of Follow That Camel; becomes the exulted Robespierre in Don't Lose Your Head; and changes sides to ascend the throne of France in Henry. As King Of France, one of his larger Carry On roles, hid foppish manners and velvet-gloved finery mask a mailed-fist determination to make war on England if Henry fails to restore conjugal rights to his cousin, Marie Of Normandy.  Gilmore has appeared in 11 Carry Ons, the others being as Patch in Jack, Curly in Cowboy, Henry in Doctor, Ging in Up The Khyber, Henry in Again Doctor and Governor of the Canaries in Columbus.  He is singer as well as an actor, and one of his favourite roles was that of MacHeath in The Beggars' Opera .  He gained national fame in the TV series A Man Called Intrepid and The Onedin Line. Died  February 3, 2013 (age 81) in London, England.

GUYLER, Deryck

He made his name the radio programme ITMA and later delighted audiences as the grumpy caretaker in the long running TV comedy series Please, Sir, plays s doddery surgeon in Doctor. Died October 7, 1999 (age 85) in Brisbane, Australia.


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