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Most renowned for being on the receiving end of Ďstupid boy Pikeí in Dadís Army, he has one of the later Carry Ons to his credit, that of Behind. He plays the Great Dane-owning Joe Baxter.

LAYE, Dilys

She is a variety actress who played in several Carry Ons. In Spying she is a nightclub singer, a beautiful temptress who turns out to be a double agent, thereafter she is something of a weakling who reveals her tough core in the end. In Cruising, she is shyly on the look-out for a husband. Her best role, where she comes into her own, is in Camping, where at the slightest provocation, she is sick, but she eventually finds true happiness with Bernard Bresslaw. She also appeared in Doctor, again with Bernard Bresslaw. Outside of the Carry Ons she is best known for her roles in The Bed-sit Girl with another Carry On Irregular, Sheila Hancock and in The Boyfriend on Broadway with Julie Andrews. She wrote the Granada TV series Chintz. Died  February 13, 2009 (age 74) in London, England.

LAYTON, George

He makes a brief appearance in Behind as the doctor who fixes up Kenneth Williams after his accident in the caravan. He is a TV personality and quiz-master, who has numerous scripts under his belt, including Robinís Nest and Donít Wait Up. He has been a presenter on TVís Thatís Life and was one of the doctors in Doctor In The House.

LEON, Valerie

London born Valerie Leon became a familiar face during the 1970`s thanks to the Hai Karate aftershave adverts, she was educated at public school until the age of fifteen when she enrolled in a one year college course in retail distribution. After this she headed for France, working as an au pair whilst learning the language, before returning home to a job with Harrods as a trainee fashion buyer. She subsequently took singing lessons and entered the showbiz world after seeing an advert for chorus singers in The Belle of New York. This production folded after six weeks but it marked the start of her busy career which has included appearing in Funny Girl with Barbara Streisand in `66 and numerous screen roles such as The Italian Job, Smashing Time, All the Way Up, The Wild Geese and two Bond movies, Never Say Never Again and The Spy Who Loved Me. Her TV credits have included The Saint, The Avengers, Rings On their Fingers, The Persuaders and Misleading Cases. After retiring from showbiz to raise a family with the late BBC producer Michael Mills, she occasionally acts and runs her own public relations company. She appeared in 6 Carry Ons, Up The Khyber as a Hospitality Girl, in Camping as a Store Assistant, in Again Doctor as Deridre, Leda in Up The Jungle, Jane Darling in Matron and Paula Perkins in Girls.

LIPMAN, Maureen

In Carry On Columbus, she plays Countess Esmerelda but she is better known as Beattie from the British Telecom TV adverts.  She also had a big success in the 80's with the comedy series Agony.  She also appears on stage in her own comedy shows and in the musical Oklahoma.


He has a small part as one of the recruits in Sergeant but is better known as the actor, playwright and author of off-beat plays like Big Soft Nellie, Stop It Whoever You Are and Er? He Died February 20, 1998.


LODGE, David

Son of a Sailor, upon entering the war entertained the troops as part of The Ralf Reader Gang Shows in the  forces regiment ENSA, after demob made a reasonable living in holiday camps and rep before forming a double act. Never one to hit the big time, he is a face people recognise from the shear number of films he has appeared in. Also he was seen on the TV screens in many show like The Avengers, Crossroads and Bless This House. He was in Regardless as A Connoisseur, Policeman in Girls, Bullock in Dick, Landlord in Behind and Captain Bull in England. Died  October 18, 2003 (age 82) in Northwood, Middlesex, England.

LOGAN, Jimmy

A famous comedian in his native Scotland, he makes two appearances in the series, in Abroad he wins Barbara Windsorís affections away from Sid James but only after falling foul to wet cement twice. In Girls, he makes an uncharacteristic appearance as a camp TV presenter who joins in the melee around the beauty competition. Died  April 13, 2001 (age 73) in Clydebank, Strathclyde, Scotland.

LONGDON, Terence

Terence was a regular part of the early Carry On team, appearing in four of the first five films. His upperclassness adds a different comic element to the films he appears in. In Sergeant, he plays Miles Haywood, a recruit who is pronounced, Ďa soldier by tradition and instinctí, when he admits that the first thing that always comes into his head is women. In Nurse he plays arguable his best role as the journalist with appendicitis who uses the opportunity for an inside story of the NHS. In Constable his part is smaller as a smooth-talking con-man and in Regardless he is the most debonair of the Helping Hands Agency. As an actor, Longden could turn his hand to a variety of parts. He trained at RADA and has been a classical actor at Stratford. His roles are as diverse as Drusus in the 1959 version of Ben Hur to one of Elsie Tannerís followers in Coronation Street. He had the title role in the TV series Garry Halliday. Died  April 23, 2011 (age 88) in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England.

LYNCH, Kenny

Kenny is a popular entertainer who contributes a good one-liner to the Carry Ons as the bus-conductor in Loving asking the fully occupied courting couple, if they are, "going all the way". He also wrote the title song of Emmannuelle, Love Crazy. He Died December 18, 2019,


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