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RADA trained this actor was never much out of work especially during the 50s and 60s. His craggy features made him a cert for army and hard men roles, appearing in films like Cockleshell Heroes, Private's Progress and A Hill in Korea. Later in life he appeared in Crossroad and The Dick Emery Show. In the Carry Ons he mainly stuck to his stereo-typing of army and hard men, in Sergeant played Sergeant Liddle, Suspicious Passenger in Regardless, Milchman in Spying (his largest role), Sergeant Major in Cleo and Laundrette Man in Emmannuelle. Died June 22, 1993 (age 67) in London, England.


MARCH, Elspeth

She is a veteran character actress specialising in imposing upper class roles, one of the more famous was as the Dowager Empress in Anastasia in 1967. Her contribution to the Carry On series includes sitting on the hospital board in Again Doctor and also a rather good uncredited cameo as an English aristocrat in Donít Lose Your Head, in which she compliments Sir Rodney Ffing (Sid James) at his party that he has "magnificent balls". Died May 5, 1999 (age 88) in London, England.


She made her name with her many and diverse roles in radioís Round The Horne with Kenneth Williams. She appears in two Carry Ons. She has a small role in Regardless as a woman on the train who convinces Kenneth Connor he is mixed up in a spy adventure. Her larger role where she really makes her mark is as Harriet Potter in Camping, the non-stop talking wife of Peter Potter (Terry Scott). Who could forget her screeching laugh? Died  July 19, 1998 (age 79) in Ruislip, London


He appears in Carry On Columbus, playing the Sultan of Turkey, a smarmy, money-grabber, who sends undercover agent  Fatima (Sara Crowe) to stop Christopher Columbus (Jim Dale) making a new route to the East.  He is a familiar face to British TV comedy, and was one of the founding members of the 'alternative' comedy movement in the 80's.  He is usually partnered by his long-time friend Adrian Edmondson and has appeared in new classic series such as The Young Ones, The New Statesman, Filthy, Rich And Catflap and Bottom.  He was also a regular member of The Comic Strip Presents.  He has turned his hand to serious parts in his own series Rik Mayall presents.  He has provided many character voices for animated series and he has enjoyed limited success with his cinema career internationally but they are usually well received in the UK.


Bill is in 6 of the later Carry Ons. His parts are usually small cameos with one uncredited performance in Abroad. In Henry he plays Guy Fawkes, continually popping up with his gunpowder at the ready. In Matron we see him as one of Sidís gang, and in Dick he is the innkeeper. He has a small role in Loving but his largest role, however, is in At Your Convenience, playing the orderly obsessed husband of Joan Sims. He is well remembered for his TV role of Oh No Itís Selwyn Froggett and he is currently starring in Heartbeat. He has also dabbled in politics and stood against Tony Benn in the Chesterfield By-Election and has released a few albums and even entered the Eurovision Song Contest - but didn't get through the regionals.

MEDWIN, Michael

The sandy-haired actor and producer whose career stretches from The Army Game to Shoestring, made a brief appearance in Nurse as Kenneth Connorís boxing promoter.

MILLS, Freddie

A formal World Light Heavyweight boxing champion, he turns up as a crook in Constable and closer to home as a fight arranger in need of seconds in Regardless. He died of gunshot wounds on July 25, 1965 under a cloud of mystery. Although he had tax problems and the official verdict was suicide, many people believe he was murdered.

MILLS, Juliet

She is the daughter of Sir John Mills, and a sister to Hayley. She cast away her goody-goody image from the US TV series The Nanny And The Professor, to star as Sally, the barmaid who impersonates a midshipman in Jack. Playing the romantic lead opposite Bernard Cribbins, the sailor whose place she takes, she retains some of that primness from the series that made her name. She is married to actor Maxwell Caulfield.


He is a familiar face from British TV, playing the bigoted loud-mouthed Alf Garnett in Til Death Us Do Part and its follow up series, In Sickness And In Health. He has also proved himself in more series roles, playing Shylock in Shakespeareís Merchant Of Venice. His one Carry On appearance sees him playing the street-wise Ancient Roman slave auctioneer, Spencius, the brother of Markus in Cleo.


Bob appeared in the first Carry On, Sergeant as a very youthful Charlie, the groom who is called up for National Service on his wedding night. His romantic charm was an asset but he did not stay with the team. Monkhouse who trained as an animator, worked as a joke writer for people like Bob Hope and is a big movie buff with a large collection of old films. He has moved away from acting and most people will remember from being a compere on quiz shows such as The Golden Shot, Celebrity Squares, Family Fortunes, Bobís Full House and Wipeout. His talent for fast and humourous adlibbing makes him a great family entertainer. He also has a rather more adult live stage act. Died  December 29, 2003 (age 75) in Eggington, Bedfordshire, England.

MOWER, Patrick

Patrick is a good-looking actor who made his name playing tough cops in programmes like Callan, Special Branch and Target. He makes a rare excursion into comedy with England playing Sergeant Able, the leader of the menís barracks room in the experimental mixed camp.


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