Irregularly N


She is a veteran character actress, much loved as Alf Garnett’s long-suffering wife in Til Death Us Do Part and In Sickness And Health. She plays Sid James’ yakking wife in Doctor. She died in 1986.


NOLAN, Margaret

She was born in London in 1943 and worked as a glamour model under the name Vicki Kennedy for some years, even doing a Playboy spread, but gave this all up and trained to be a teacher, but in the early 60's she turned to acting. Other than her Carry On appearances in Henry, Popsy in Convenience, Tucker in Matron, Dawn Brakes in Girls, Lady Daley in Dick and Miss Jones in Cowboy, she is probably most famous for her role as Dink in the Bond film, Goldfinger. She Died on October 5, 2020.


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