Carry On

16th June - Sept 1976 - Royal Opera House, Scarborough

"Carry On down to the Get U Fit Health Farm"

110 mins

The Stars
Jack Douglas
Kenneth Connor
Peter Butterworth
Liz Fraser
Anne Aston
Beau Daniells
Danny O'Dea
Barbara Sumner
Linda Hooks
Jack Hardy
Major Chambers
Willie Strokes
Candy Maple
Mrs Babbington
Albert Waterman
Alice Pringle
The Crew
Sam Cree
Judi Tillotson
Bill Robertson
Saxon Lewis



This was staged at the Royal Opera House in Scarborough, playing for the whole of the summer season but this brave attempt at a straight no-frills stage farce which basked in the Carry On glow was unfortunate in that, Sid James died two months before it opened.

The majority of the team were unwilling or unable to participate due to other work commitments or Sid’s death.  There are nonetheless three stalwart Carry Oners who decided to play along.  Supplying the glamour was Liz Fraser who had just come back to the Carry On series in Behind after starring as the female ‘tottie’ in several of the early Carry Ons. 

The basic plot followed the traditional farce of the trouser dropping, marital problems, ‘More Tea Vicar’ style that has been made famous by Ray Cooney. Jack Douglas takes top billing in this uninspired plot while Peter Butterworth comes out on top as Willie Strokes.