Carry On

From Here To Maternity
Familiarity Breed
Womb at the Top
The Pregger's Opera

"But how do we know we're physically suited to each other?  I mean, It's like a DIY shop with wallpaper, isn't it?"

"Yes. You don't just go into a shop and buy enough for the whole room.  You tear yourself off a little strip first."

"That may be so, but you're not going to stick me up against a wall"

Carry On Matron


Running Time - 87m Colour Certificate - A
Budget - 225,000 UK Release - May 1972
Shot - 11 October 1971 - 26 November 1971
Foreign Titles
Poland - Mum, The Works Germany - A Crazy Nurse
South America - Be Careful With the Pill


The Stars
Sidney James
Kenneth Williams
Charles Hawtrey
Hattie Jacques
Joan Sims
Bernard Bresslaw
Terry Scott
Barbara Windsor
Kenneth Connor
Kenneth Cope
Bill Maynard
Patsy Rowlands
Jacki Piper
Derek Francis
Amelia Baynton
Valerie Leon
Brian Osborne
Gwendoline Watts
Valerie Shure
Margaret Nolan
Wendy Richard
Bill Kenwright
Jack Douglas
Madeline Smith
Marianne Stone
Juliet Harmer
Sid Carter
Sir Bernard Cutting
Dr Francis Good
Mrs Tidy
Dr Prod
Nurse Ball
Mr Tidy
Cyril Carter
Evelyn Banks
Mrs Jenkins
Jane Darling
Ambulance Driver
Francis Kemp
Miss Smethurst
Mrs Tucker
Miss Willing
Expectant Father
Mrs Pullitt
Mrs Pudsover
Mrs Bentley
The Crew
Peter Rogers
Gerald Thomas
Talbot Rothwell
Eric Rogers
Ernest Steward BSc
Alfred Roome



Sir Bernard Cutting (Kenneth Williams) is the head of Finnisham Maternity Hospital but unfortunately, he is a hypochondriac and his symptoms lead him to "You can a wude as you like"believe he is turning into a woman.  Dr Good (Charles Hawtrey), the hospital psychiatrist tells him that he needs to prove himself as a man so he starts to woo Matron (Hattie Jacques).

Sid Carter (Sid James), a local thief, has his eye on a storeroom full of contraceptive pills that he wishes to steal and sell abroad, but to find them he has to get someone on the inside, so he talks his son into dressing up a"He looks loverrly"s a nurse.  Cyril Carter (Kenneth Cope), or Cyrille as he changes it into, is soon rumbled by his roommate, Nurse Ball (Barbara Windsor) with whom he falls in love.

Again Kenneth and Hattie when they are put in to these types of roles are marvellous.  Some of the one-liners they come out with are classics such as: ‘I wish to be wooed.’ ‘Ooh, you can be as wude as you like with me’.   Kenneth Cope makes a good transition from Convenience to the likeable Cyril, who spends most of the film in drag, but would never be considered in the vein of Kenneth Williams or Sid James.

The end section where Sid is dressed as Dr Zhivago and Bernard Bresslaw is in drag as a pregnant woman worrying about the ‘child’ – which is really stuffing, is pure comic tour-de-force.  This is, with the exception of Dick, the last of the true Carry Ons.