Carry On

"From the same stars and team that gave you the
sensational comedy success CARRY ON SEARGEANT"

"Come, Come Matron, surely you've seen a temperature taken like this before?"

"Yes, Colonel. But never with a daffodil!"


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Running Time - 86m Black and White Certificate - U
Budget - 71,000 UK Release - March 1959
Shot - 3 November 1958 - 12 December 1958
Foreign Titles
Denmark - Isn't It Wonderful Doctor Germany - 41 Degrees of Love
Belgium - 40 Degrees of Love Finland - Laughing Gas & Beautiful Girls
Greece - Nurse Does All The Work South America - 40 Degrees of Love


The Stars

Shirley Eaton
Kenneth Connor
Charles Hawtrey
Hattie Jacques
Terence Longden
Bill Owen
Leslie Phillips
Joan Sims
Kenneth Williams
Wilfred Hyde-White
Susan Beaumont
Norman Rossington
Jill Ireland
Joan Hickson
Ann Firbank
Irene Handl
Susan Shaw
Michael Medwin

Marianne Stone
June Whitfield
Dorothy Denton
Bernie Bishop
Mr Hinton
Ted York
Percy Hickson
Jack Bell
Stella Dawson
Oliver Reckitt
The Colonel
Frances James
Jill Thompson
Helen Lloyd
Marge Hickson
Jane Bishop
Nurse Able

The Crew
Peter Rogers
Gerald Thomas
Norman Hudis, based
on an idea by Patrick
Cargill and Jack Searle
Bruce Montgomery
Reg Wyer BSc
John Shirley



The men on the surgical ward at Haven Hospital create their own brand of havoc when, after teasing the nurses all day, they decide to help a fellow patient by performing a midnight operation on him themselves.

Carry On Nurse takes the comedic target of hospital life with its strict nurses, snobbish doctors and bullied patients and takes in to a new level of comedy by focusing more on the lives of the patients and nurses. Its phenomenal success in the UK and the US made a third Carry On inevitable.

Among the patients are Bernie Bishop (Kenneth Connor), a boxer with a broken fist, Mr Hinton (Charles Hawtrey), who conducts symphonies from his radio headphones. Percy Hickson (Bill Owen), whose broken leg gets hoisted on pulleys and whose wife (Irene Handl) gets upset filling in forms. Jack Bell (Leslie Phillips) is stopped from a romantic weekend by a bunion on his foot and it is to aid him that his fellows volunteer to operate, led by Oliver Reckitt (Kenneth Williams). Oliver is a bookish student who reads in a medical book how the operation should be done. He is also the only one who will stand up to the formidable matron (Hattie Jacques) who terrifies all around her including her nurses. Nurse Dawson (Joan Sims) particularly seems unable to do anything right when Matron is around but Nurse Denton (Shirley Eaton), who provides the romantic interest along with Terence Longden, tries to help the disaster-prone trainee as much as she can. They also have to cope with the Colonel (Wilfred Hyde-White), a private patient in a side ward, who tears them ragged with his buzzer and his constant gambling requests.

They do, however, get their own back on him in the last scene of the film when they get him to lie face down in order to have his temperature taken. When Matron comes in and finds him in this position he says, "Surely you've seen a temperature taken like this before?" To which she replies, in what must be one of the funniest moments of any of the carry ons, "Yes, Colonel, but never with a daffodil!" This joke is then followed up in Carry On Doctor, when a nurse holds up a flower to Frankie Howerd and he says "Oh no you don't, I saw that film," to which the nurse replies that she just wanted him to smell it.


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