Carry On

"Funniest Carry On ever"

"Please, don't make it hard for me"

"I'm finding it a bit hard already ... to understand."


 Poster UK

Poster UK


Running Time - 90m Black and White Certificate - U
Budget - 100,000 UK Release - March 1961
Shot - 28 November 1960 - 17 January 1961
Foreign Titles
Denmark - We Do Anything Germany - Carry On Not Great Sweetie
Hungary - Carry On Romania - Don't Worry, Go Ahead


The Stars

Sidney James
Kenneth Connor
Charles Hawtrey
Joan Sims
Kenneth Williams
Hattie Jacques
Bill Owen
Liz Fraser
Terence Longdon
Esma Cannon
Fenella Fielding
Stanley Unwin
Eleanor Summerfield
Ed Devereaux
Cyril Chamberlain
Joan Hickson
Norman Rossington
Nicholas Parsons
Patrick Cargill
Betty Marsden
Eric Pohlmann
Freddie Mills

Victor Maddern
David Lodge
Bert Handy
Sam Twist
Gabriel Dimple
Lily Duveen
Francis Courtenay
Mike Weston
Delia King
Monty Infield-Hopping
Miss Cooling
Penny Panting
Mrs Riley
Mr Panting
Park Keeper
Nursing Sister
Wine Expert
Mata Hari
Sinister Man
Suspicious Man

The Crew
Peter Rogers
Gerald Thomas
Norman Hudis
Bruce Montgomery
Alan Hume BSc
John Shirley



Six unemployed men and women and the counter clerk from the job centre decide to join the Helping Hands agency for some adventure and excitement and the odd jobs they are called on to perform certainly provide plenty of both.

This Carry On is a little different from the others as it is essentially a series of separate little sketches linked together by the Helping Hands agency run by Bert handy (Sid James) and his assistant Miss Cooling (Esma Cannon). The clients are played by many well known faces and the services they require run from Fenella Fielding wanting a baby-sitter, Nicholas Parsons and Patrick Cargill wanting assistance at a wine-tasting event where Lily Duveen (Joan Sims) ends up doing a lot of the tasting, Joan Hickson and Hattie Jacques at a local hospital, and Sidney Tafler needing a bouncer, to Freddie Mills looking for seconds for a boxing match. Sam Twist (Kenneth Connor) gets a mixed-up phone message and awaits a rendezvous on the Forth Bridge instead of making up a fourth at bridge. Multi-lingual Francis Courtenay (Kenneth Williams) has to interpret an argument between a husband (Terence Alexander) and his German wife (Julia Arnall), as well as taking a monkey for a walk.

The staff all join together in a slapstick sequence when they have to perform as demonstrators at the Ideal Home Exhibition and an office spring-clean leads to a mix-up of assignments and a joining of the various strands of the story.

Stanley Unwin, who baffles everyone with his gobbledegook language, is proven at the end to be their landlord who has been wanting them out, but after they inadvertently ruin a property they were hired to clean up thereby enhancing the land value he changes his mind. What else can they do but carry on regardless.


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