Carry On

"The biggest shower that ever 'reigned' in the British Army!"

"Your rank?"

"That's a matter of opinion."


Australian Poster

UK Poster


Running Time - 83m Black and White Certificate - A
Budget - 74,000 UK Release - September 1958
Shot - 24 March 1958 - 2 May 1958
Foreign Titles
Denmark - Attention Recruits Germany - Cheer Up, Chest Out
Belgium - Lets Go, Sergeant


The Stars
William Hartnell
Bob Monkhouse
Shirley Eaton
Eric Barker
Dora Bryan
Bill Owen
Charles Hawtrey
Kenneth Connor
Kenneth Williams
Terence Longdon
Hattie Jacques
Terry Scott

Norman Rossington
Victor Maddern
Sergeant Grimshawe
Charlie Sage
Captain Potts
Corporal Copping
Peter Golightly
Horace Strong
James Bailey
Miles Heywood
Captain Clark
Sergeant O'Brien
Herbert Brown
Sergeant Liddle
The Crew
Peter Rogers
Gerald Thomas
Norman Hudis (from
the Bull Boys by R F
Delderfield). Additional
by John Antrobus
Bruce Montgomery
Peter Hennessy
Peter Boita



Carry On Sergeant is a boisterous barrack-room send up of the army life.  First of the series, this has several elements in embryo, that the unplanned series keeps, not least the casts bounce and brashness.

Kenneth Connor as a nail-biting hypochondriac, Kenneth Williams as the snooty egg-head, Charles Hawtrey being rather light on his feet and Hattie Jacques as imperious Medical Officer.  These established their character, with little change, for the rest of the Carry Ons.

Eric Barker, Shirley Eaton, Bill Owen and Terence Longdon went on to make a few more of the earlier Carry Ons.  Bob Monkhouse plays a displaced Bridegroom, sent for National Service on his honeymoon, and would have improved the series if he had stayed, but only makes the one appearance in the series.

Norman Hudis bases this romp on the Bull Boys by RF Delderfield, but changes the setting from a ballet school to a Army camp, using his experiences in youth for it's benefit.

A reasonable start to the series, and it was certainly successful, being one of the box-office pulls of the year, but for the person brought up on the later Carry Ons as I was, this is just from a tamer and older era of British comedies.


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