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Audio Programmes

Kenneth Williams Radio Lives - A documentary called I Am Your Actual Quality, written and presented by Russell Davies using archive material as well as interviews from his friends. (WMA - 6M)

Just Williams Part 1 and Part 2 - Two extracts from the autobiography that Kenneth Williams wrote read by the author. (WMA - 6M each)

Kenneth Williams Comic Roots - A audio recording of the TV programme series Comic Roots. Kenneth walks and talks about his life growing up in London, his family and where his humour started. (WMA - 10M)

The Diary Of A Madman - The Animator Richard Williams recorded Kenneth Williams for a planned animated film based on Nikolay Gogol's, The Diary Of A Madman. The Film was never completed. This is the recording Williams made. (WMA - 18M)

Seriously Seeking Sid - This audio recording from the Channel 4 series Without These Walls, looks for what Sid James was really like. (WMA - 7M)

An Appreciation of Sid James - A radio programme presented by Barry Norman that looks at the life and works of Sid James and the pleasure that he gave to millions (WMA - 4.5M).

The Comedians Comedian - Kenneth Williams - Angus Deighton presents a journey through Kenny's life with helps from comedians of today. First broadcasted on Radio 4 (WMA - 12.5M).

The Comediennes - Hattie Jacques - This programme from the Radio 2 series, The Comediennes (episode 2), talks to Hattie about the way she played comedy. (WMA - 4.5M).

Radio Roots - Hattie Jacques - Russell Davies looks at Hattie Jacques career before she was famous. From the 2001 Radio 4 documentary Radio Roots (WMA - 4M).

There'll Never Be Another Frankie Howerd - Grahame Garden discusses the career and fame of Frankie with his friends, admirers and colleagues in the business (WMA - 26M).

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Carry On Doctor Theme (WMA - 0.5M)

Carry On Loving Theme (WMA - 0.5M)

Carry On Matron Theme (WMA - 0.5M)



Sound Clips (wav)

A Good Ass, No?

...And Up Yours

Barbara Windsor - Hi

Bernard Bresslaw - Oh No

Best Bet

Bleeding Ceremony


Bunk Up Later

But Never With a Daffodil

Charles Hawtrey - Oh Hello

Charmed,I'm Sure

Cheeky Monkey

Do You Mind?

Don't Bend Over

Don't Fancy a Poke With That

Flap Me Sideways

Frankie Howerd - Oooo

Fresh as a Mountain Stream


Frying Tonight


I Do Feel Queer

I Dreamt About You Last Night

I Only Keep Going There For Me Shag

I Seem to Have Got a Little Plastered

I Should Give It A Minute

I Told You It Was My Only Means Of Support

I Wonder What They Wanted

I Want To Be Wooed

I Want You...

I'm Sure I'll Never Get My Draws Off As Quickly As That

Ice Lolly In Your Lap

Infamy, Infamy...

It's Enigma Matron

Just a Quick Slash

Kenneth Williams - Laughing

Kenneth Williams - Stop Messin` About

Little Me In the Kings Arms

Look At You, Standing As If Your Pregnant

Lucy Nations...

Magnificent Balls

Me Balls Burning

Miss Smethurst


My,You've Got a Big One

Now We Know

Once a Weeks Enough For Any Man

Ooo I Hope She Don't Go Off

Poking Early

Put It In For You

Rank Gong

Say Hello Bobby

Sid James - Cor Blimey

Sid James - Lecherous Yak Yak Yak

Sid James - Yak Yak Yak

Spot Diagnoses

Stupid What?

Take Alot More Stuffing

Take Them Away Matron

The Old Cock On The Right

Tonka,Tonka,Stick It Up Your Honka

What a Fuss About Such a Little Thing

What a Lovely Looking Pear

You Look Loverly

Your Mail, Sir Bernard

You've Never Had It So Good

Your Rank


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