Carry On

"You roared at Carry On Sergeant, you howled at Carry On Nurse, you'll
be convulsed by Carry On teacher"

"Are you satisfied with your equipment, Miss Allcock?"

"Well!  I've had no complaints before!"


UK Poster

UK Poster


Running Time - 86m Black and White Certificate - U
Budget - £78,000 UK Release - August 1959
Shot - 15 March 1959 - 24 April 1959
Foreign Titles
Denmark - Come On Professor Germany - Loud Lovable Teacher
Hungary - Go On Sir Portugal - Way to Go Sir


The Stars
Ted Ray
Kenneth Connor
Leslie Phillips
Charles Hawtrey
Joan Sims
Kenneth Williams
Hattie Jacques
Rosalind Knight
Cyril Chamberlain
Richard O'Sullivan
Carol White

Larry Dunn

William Wakefield
Gregory Adams
Alistair Grigg
Michael Bean
Sarah Allcock
Edwin Milton
Grace Short
Felicity Wheeler
Robin Stevens
Shelia Dale


The Crew
Peter Rogers
Gerald Thomas
Norman Hudis
Bruce Montgomery
Reg Wyer BSc
John Shirley



The pupils of Maudlin Street School resort to desperate measures to sabotage their headmasterís chance of a new post as they donít want him to leave.  The pupils, lead by a very young Richard OíSullivan, lace the staff room tea with alcohol, saw the legs of the grand piano, fill the headís study with itching powder and stage a bomb scare in their efforts to keep the headmaster (Ted Ray).

The staff who have to face these hazards are divided into two groups: those who want to use strict discipline, like maths teacher (Hattie Jacques), gym mistress (Joan Sims) and the woman from the Ministry (Rosalind Knight); and those who don’t, like the drama teacher (Kenneth Williams) and an outside psychologist (Leslie Phillips).  As well as reacting to all these tricks there is also romance in the air with the passionate psychologist chasing the gym mistress and Mr Adams (Kenneth Connor) the nervous science teacher falling for the formidable lady from the Ministry.

It is a Carry On that isn't watched by myself much, but when it is, it is an enjoyable experience.  Ted Ray stands out as the Headmaster, and the cast that go onto become the regulars are taking up their stride in the roles.

Some of the humour wouldn't be amiss in a St Trinians film, and so that alters the film from a Carry on to something more suited to the 50's in humour.


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