Best Film Carry On Matron
Best Character Peter Potter In Carry On Camping
Silliest name Dr Prodd in Carry On Matron
Films 7 - Sergeant, Up The Khyber, Camping, Up The Jungle, Henry, Matron, That's
Best Line In Matron a young lady comes in to his doctors surgery. Terry Says "I have some good news for you Mrs Smethurst".  The woman replies, "It's Miss Smethurst", to which Terry says "Oh, in that case, I have some bad news for you Miss Smethurst!". She runs out crying.


Terry Scott had a small role as Sergeant O'Brien in Carry On Sergeant but left the Carry On stable only to re-appear in a relatively major role in Up The Khyber as Sergeant-Major MacNutt of the Third Foot and Mouth Regiment, a blustering character which marked him out to be a true Carry Oner, but it must be said that it was not his usual public persona.

As the put-upon husband in Camping, we see him trying to talk to his wife but she doesn't want to listen, and she only listens at the end when he manfully asserts himself.  This character, the wife-seeker in Loving and the lecherous Dr Prodd in Matron are variations on the theme of Suburban Man, for which he is well-known on stage and TV.  Terry and June, the later TV series in which he starred with fellow Carry Oner June Whitfield, also took advantage of this character.  Up The Khyber, Up The Jungle and Henry give him a chance to demonstrate a wider range of comic invention and his visual comedy when playing Jungle Boy in Up The Jungle show Terry to be more than a one character actor.  Jungle Boy was originally written for Jim Dale, but when Dale took the Disney option he moved to America.  Although, Terry plays Jungle Boy somewhat differently to the way Jim Dale would have done, many of the mannerisms scripted into the earlier Doctor and Again Doctor roles can still be seen in the Jungle Boy character.  The scene where June, played by Jacki Piper, is trying to teach Jungle Boy to read, but not being able to get past the number six (sex) is pure comic chemistry.

Henry sees him in one of his better roles as Cardinal Wolsey, a slow-witted prelate, finding it hard to grasp the machinations of his fellow courtiers and Kenneth Williams and Scott work a very funny double act throughout the film.

Born in Watford on 4th May 1927, Terry's leanings were to accountancy but then he joined the Navy during World War II and afterwards, upon demob, he used his money to break into showbusiness.  After a grueling period of touring pubs and clubs, and a spell teamed up with Bill Maynard, playing in Great Scott, It's Maynard, he was invited by the influential Brian Rix to play in a series of farces, and this was where his career really took off.

His work with Hugh Lloyd in Hugh And I, a TV series, led to his own series of TV shows - Scott on Habits, Scott on Marriage, etc., and hence led to his very successful partnership with June Whitfield, in the most popular of all his TV series, Terry and June.

He was always constantly busy with TV, pantomimes, summer shows, tours, West End farces and even recording novelty comedy records like My Bruvver and this sometimes led him to the point of exhaustion.  Scott was offered a lot more Carry On films but he never turned them down because he didn't want to do them, he only turned them down when he was busy elsewhere, "I would never for a moment think of saying no more Carry Ons".

Terry died on July 26, 1994 (age 67) in Godalming, Surrey, England from cancer.


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