Carry On Long John
I'm Worried about Jim Hawkins
9.10pm - 24th December 1970

"We already have a Cabin Boy, How do you fancy the Cook?"

"Well I'll have a look at him first!"


50 min        Black and White


The Stars
Sid James
Terry Scott
Charles Hawtrey

Kenneth Connor
Barbara Windsor
Bernard Bresslaw
Bob Todd

Wendy Richard

Long John Silver
Squire Treyhornay
Old Blind Pugh, Night watchman,
Nipper the Flipper
Dr Livershake
Jim Hawkins
Rollicky Bill
Ben Gunn, Shipmate

The Crew

Dave Freeman & Sid Colin
Alan Tarrant
Alan Tarrant




After the success of the first Christmas special it was inevitable that we would see the Carry Oners on screen again, itís just a shame that the script provided by Dave Freeman and Sid Colin wasnít up to scratch. It was also made cheaper by being in black and white.

The cast is again top-hole but Freemanís script never sparkles like Rothwellís did for the first one, (and even some of the gags used in this, re-appear in Carry On Columbus, word for word), so it is a good job the comedians more than make up for the lack of content in quality.

Being a Christmas special and Rothwell last time using the classic Christmas theme of Christmas Carol, they have gone this time for Robert Louis Stephensonís adventure story, Treasure Island, but set it on Christmas Eve.

It is a narrative story more akin to the Carry On films than the previous Christmas specialís loosely connected sketch format, and has some good roles for the team.

Sid James takes on the central role of Long John Silver as he searches for Flintís hidden treasure, but he is barely furnished with any gags at all. The plum role goes to Terry Scott as Squire Treyhornay and he is obviously comfortable in the claustrophobic atmosphere of the TV studios and live audience. Barbara plays off against him gender-bendering as Jim Hawkins with Barbara playing the character unconvincingly as a man, which is intentional.

Although the basic plot is taken straight from Carry On Jack, with the main characters from that film played by Terry Scott and Barbara Windsor; it is interwoven in to the Treasure Island plot quite skilfully.

Charles Hawtrey supports with three smaller roles and is memorable as Blind Pugh and minces a rare delight in the latter part of the show.


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