9.00pm - 5th September 2001



50 mins

The Crew
Paul Gallagher
Nicola Black



Knowing that this was from the Carry On Darkly team, I wasn't expecting much balance to the subject, but I was pleasantly surprised. Were the Carry On Girls blonde, big breasted bimbos with not a brain cell between them? This documentary sets out to dispel these caricatures and prove that the Carry On ladies were -  OK, sex objects; but they held all the cards. More often that not, they were the winners and the men the losers (look at the scene from Carry On Convenience where the women march on the striking men and force them back to work?).

The ladies they talk to remember fondly watching the Carry Ons and seeing the likes of Barbara Windsor on the screen and being inspired to enter show business.

It would have been easy for the programme makers to ridicule the films and disparage them as sexist and monogamous.