Film Night Special
11.30pm - 12th April 1970





30 mins

The Cast
Sid James
Frankie Howerd
Kenneth Connor
Joan Sims
Bernard Bresslaw
Charles Hawtrey
Terry Scott
Jacki Piper
Gerald Thomas
The Crew
Director & Producer
Film Editor
Sound Engineer
Executive Producer
Barry Brown
Colin Jones
Michael Boultbee
John Purchese
Rowan Ayres



BBC2's Film Night had a tradition of going behind the scenes and chatting to the stars and the makers of successful films - and the Carry On had their turn on 1970. Filmed whilst they made Carry On Up the Jungle, the cast and crew talk about their parts in the upcoming film and what they like (although very tongue in cheek) about the film series, and the every loving audiences reactions to a new Cary On coming out.

Gerald Thomas, the director of all the films joins Sid, Frankie, Charlie, Kenneth, Bernie, with a rare interview.