24th April 2000

"What is it?"

" It's a passion fruit, you cut it open and lick all of the juice out of it"

"Ooo, It's so sweet"

"That's it, suck out all of that flesh"

"Yak, Yak, Yak"


96 min        Colour


The Stars
Samantha Spiro
Adam Godley
Geoffrey Hutchings
Steven Spiers
Chrissie Cotterill
Hugh Walters
Maria Charles
Derek Howard
Jacqueline Defferary
Kenneth MacDonald
David McAllister
Jason Round
Alan Barnes
Louise Delamere

Barbara Windsor
Kenneth Williams
Sidney James
Bernard Bresslaw
Joan Sims
Charles Hawtrey
Mrs. Hawtrey
Kenneth Connor
Gerald Thomas
Clapper Loader
1st Assistant Director
Imogen Hassell
The Crew

Terry Johnson
Margaret Mitchell
Terry Johnson




Cor! Blimey is the TV version of the stage play Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle and Dick by Terry Johnson and is made up of small dramatised snapshots from the filming of said Carry Ons. It's main players are Sid James (Geoffrey Hutchings) and Barbara Windsor (Samantha Spiro), with a supporting role for Kenneth Williams (Adam Godley). The other Carry Oners appear in cameo or just in the background.

Most of the action takes place in and around caravans on the sets of the Carry On films, Sid is trying to sleep with anything that moves, and the film takes a look at the way Sid seduces his way through the supporting cast; when his affections finally settle on Barbara Windsor and his technique fails; and so his attempt to sleep with her is intensified and hitched up a notch. Samantha Spiro is brilliant as the strong willed blonde, seeing all of Sid's attempts, but his perseverance eventually wins through and she sleeps with him just to get it out of his system, but this fails, as he has fallen in love with her.

Hutchings as Sid James is bloody brilliant and he has all the physical and vocal mannerisms that Sid had, and you soon forget that he isn't the real Sid. He is played with sympathy, and although he was a womaniser, you get to see the less secure side of him; when he is arguing with Babs and he is trying to get her to go with him again, he says he may have ten more years in him, you actually feel sorry for him - this man who is stuck in his persona, and everyone expecting him to act in a certain way, but underneath he has the same insecurities as everyone else.

One of the side plots is the bickering and insults that Sid and Kenneth Williams inflicted on each other, as there was no love lost between them at all. I suppose Kenny was the more bitchy of the two, but neither of them missed a chance to upset the other; Sid is "entertaining" a young actress in his caravan, and Babs turns up to talk to him; so she hides, but all of this is witnessed by Kenny who sends Babs' driver (employed by Barbara's husband, hard-man Ronnie Knight) in to the caravan!

At the end, a lovely cameo by the real Barbara Windsor, who comes in and takes over her own role, sits chatting to Kenneth, about Sid, who has just died, it's a very poignant moment when they walk out of the caravan, hand in hand, and off in to the sunset.


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