7.25pm - 7th December 1975

"They don't call him elephant dick for nothing"

"Well they do actually"

24 min        Colour


The Stars

Barbara Windsor
Kenneth Connor
Jack Douglas
Bernard Bresslaw
Peter Butterworth
Oscar James
Reuben Martin
Wayne Browne
Norman Chappell
John Carlin
Michael Nightingale

Lady Mary Airey-Fairey
Elephant Dick Darcy
Dr Pavingstone
Lord Gropefinger
Mabel the Gorilla
Man On Park Bench
Old Man At Club
Neighbouring Man At Club

The Crew


Lew Schwarz
Gerald Thomas
Alan Tarrant




This is perhaps one of the best of the Carry On Laughing episodes and it takes the team back to the world of ‘Up The Jungle’ crossed with a Boy’s Own type of adventure. It’s all very entertaining with an excellent Carry On cast led by Barbara Windsor, Kenneth Connor and Jack Douglas.

Barbara plays her role with her usual lusty sexuality and gets the best gags which she delivers well. Kenneth Connor goes back to his earlier Carry On performances, playing more of the youthful hero type role as he did in many of the Norman Hudis scripts. He performs an excellent magic act accompanied by his own whistling and has another encounter with Mabel the Gorilla as he did in Carry On Up The Jungle. (Funnily enough the gorilla was played by Reuben Martin in this episode as in the film too.)

Jack Douglas plays his ‘Alf’ persona to great effect, bumbling and twitching his way through the Jungle and making the most of the gags around his character name, Elephant Dick. Peter Butterworth and Bernard Bresslaw provided excellent support as always and though it does perhaps lack the central power of Sid James, it works very well as a half hour short.