17th August 2006

KW - "Nooo, I don't have piles, I have perpeally"

Noel Coward - "Purpeally is an island in the South Pacific!"

30 min       Colour



This half hour nostalgic look at the highlights of Kenneth Williams` life is an enjoyable stroll down the great man's life. It is a mixture of interviews with the famous and not so famous, and clips from his performances on celluloid, stage and radio. The parts that interested me the most were the interviews with his un-famous friends, which gave a candid other point of view to his life. Amongst the interviewed was a woman Kenneth met outside the stage door one night and they developed a life long relationship right up until his death. Also a neighbour that shared time with him and his mother and he talks about the strange relationship they had.

The documentary was a little on the light side, only touching the surface really, and didn't really look at his self destructive personality, only touching on the facade he presented to the public.



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