8.45pm - 25th January 1975

"You scintillate"

"I sin after eight as well!"

23 min        Colour

The Stars

Sid James
Hattie Jacques
Kenneth Connor
Barbara Windsor
Jack Douglas

Victor Maddern
MacDonald Hobley
Brian Osbourne
John Carlin
Norman Chappell

Sir Francis Drake
Queen Elizabeth I
King Philip
Lady Miranda
Lord Essex, Master of the Rolls
Quaker Reporter
Crew Member
Sir Walter Raleigh
Lord Burleigh

The Crew



Barry Cryer & Dick Vosburgh
Gerald Thomas
Alan Tarrant




This Carry On celebrates the glories of the Elizabethan court but in terms of the series itself, this show includes the final appearances of Sid James and Hattie Jacques in any of the series, although the pair officially bowed out after Dick.

Hattie is on top form, milking her virginal reputation and sexual frustration for all its worth. Kenneth Connor gets the best of what’s there comedy-wise but he only plays a very small part as the King of Spain, all clicking of heels and spouting Spanish rubbish. He even gets a round of applause when he exits.

Jack Douglas plays two roles giving us a typical Alf-like persona and a quite splendid straight roll as Lord Essex, delivering his lines with dignified relish as he injects moments of treachery, anti-Royal sentiment and even anti-Sid dialogue.

As Sid signs off on the series, he definitely overplays his guffawing laugh, never letting a cheap gag go by (to Hattie – “Hello Bess, getting much?”) and perhaps the best line of the episode: Hattie says “You Scintillate”, to which Sid replies, “I sin after eight as well!”