8.45pm - 4th January 1975

"I'm Count Yerackers"

"Count your what?"

21 min        Colour

The Stars

Sid James
Barbara Windsor

Peter Butterworth
Joan Sims
Kenneth Connor
Jack Douglas
David Lodge
Rupert Evans
Diana Langton
Ronnie Brody

Prince Rupert, Arnold Basket
Vera Basket, The Grand Duchess Ingrid of Coronia
Count Yerackers
Madame Olga
Colonel Yakoff
Duke Boris

The Crew


Dave Freeman
Peter Eton
Ronnie Baxter




This is a parody of The Prisoner of Zenda and the script is full of terrible puns and one-liners, the characterisations are hardly more than conduits for corny puns and humour. The cast are the only injection of quality into this episode.

Sid, playing a similar character to that he played on Bless This House, a slightly watered down version of his Carry On persona. Barbara gives a sparkling comic performance as the slightly na´ve yet saucy wife of Sid., bubbling over with grinning, sexual energy. The briefly seen Kenneth Connor is superb as a saboteur. Peter Butterworth and Jack Douglas take on the roles from the classic Ronald Colman interpretation of the film.

The script by Dave Freeman is workman-like in trying to recapture the spirit of the films, with the likes of Joan Sims poorly served with her seductive Russian dialogue.