7.25pm - 16th November 1975

"Old Merlin's playing with his coconuts again"

"Silly old man - he can hardly see as it is"

24 min        Colour

The Stars

Kenneth Connor
Joan Sims
Peter Butterworth
Bernard Bresslaw
Jack Douglas
Susan Skipper
Norman Chappell
Brian Osbourne
Desmond Macnamara
Billy Cornelius
Brian Capron

King Arthur
Lady Guinevere
Sir Lancelot
Sir Gay
Sir William
Man At Arms

The Crew


Lew Schwarz
Gerald Thomas
Alan Tarrant




This show is based around the legendary King Arthur tales and cover exactly the same ground as ‘Under The Round Table’. It is full of desperately struggling entendres and is linked by a misconceived, camp and farcical mediaeval domestic banter. Only the performance by Kenneth Connor (the performance not his lines) is at all worthwhile.

The tales tell of Arthur and his knights of the Round Table introducing a new member to his circle, both times played by Bernard Bresslaw with only a change of accent to differentiate between the shows. Joan Sims, all marital angst, barely sees the light of day and her dialogue as Lady Guinevere is so banal that it does not affect the plot at all.

In the days of Kenneth Williams and Charles Hawtrey, they would have received all the camp humour but in these pair of travesties Jack Douglas inflicts it upon us and it fails to gel at all.