9.00pm - 4th October 1973



Carry On London Programme

50 mins

The Cast
Sid James
Barbara Windsor
Peter Butterworth
Bernard Bresslaw
Kenneth Connor
Jack Douglas

Shaw Taylor
The Crew
Director & Producer
Prog. Associate
Alan Tarrant
Tony Hawes



To capitalise on the promotion of the Carry On London show that had been showing at the Birmingham Hippodrome, to the Victoria Palace in the UK capital, ITV broadcast this live show from the opening night. Shaw Taylor (from long running Police Five) met with the shows stars and chatted about the Carry Ons, the show, the audiences and why they have flocked to see them in a stage show based of the "feel" of the successful films. In keep with the light touch of the show, the viewers were treated to clips from the shows successful three week run in Birmingham.

Our host meet and greeted the stars of the show and the celeb audience as they entered the theatre, `chewing the fat` about the stars and the films.