Best Film Carry On Behind
Best Character Fred Ramsden in Carry On Behind
Silliest Name Sergeant Major Bloomer in Carry On England
Films 2 - Behind, England
Best Line In Behind, after Mr Barnes puts his beach ball on the fire, Fred shouts "Me balls burning", Mr Barnes replies "Don't stand so close to the fire".


Windsor Davies was born on 28th August 1930 in East London to Welsh parents but in the 1940 they returned to their native village of Nant-Y-Moel, Bridge End. Upon leaving his school, Ogmore, he worked as a coal miner but in 1950 he did his National Service in Libya and Egypt in the East Surrey Regiment. Upon finishing that he went into teacher training in Bangor and then went on to teach English and Maths. He also was quite active in amateur dramatics and took a drama course with Kew Theatre Company. He left his job and went into acting full time at the age of 31 with the Cheltenham Rep in 1961.

Davies will always be known to most of the British public as Battery Sergeant Major Williams in the sitcom It Ain't Half Hot Mum which he helped to model his character on 'Bastards, real bastards some of them were, they knew it too and took pride in it'. It was whilst in this show that he became known for his catchphrases, 'Oh dear, how sad, never mind' and 'Shut Up!' delivered as an ear-drum-shattering scream. In 1975 he had a hit single with Whispering Grass with Don Estelle (who also appeared in It Ain't Half Hot Mum) which stayed at Number One for three weeks.

Another sitcom he was famous for was Never The Twain with Donald Sinden which ran for ten years.

His sergeant major role that he played in It Ain't Half Hot Mum sets him in good stead for his Sergeant Major Bloomer in Carry On England which wa played in exactly the same way. His other role which may have been written with Sid James in mind was Fred Ramsden, a married man who tried to recapture his youthful girl-grabbing days with his mate Ernie, in Carry On Behind.

In 1957 he married Eluned Lynne Evans and they had four daughters and a son. She died in September 2018. He died on 17th January 2019 aged 88, four months after his wife.

Although strictly not a Carry On Regular - only being in two films - he is included in this website's Regulars because the public associate him strongly with the Carry On films.


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