Carry On
22th May - 27th June 1992 - North Pier, Blackpool
      26th July - 25th October 1992 (Sundays)

"They're CARRYING On..."

"LIVE! on Stage"

120 mins

The Stars
Barbara Windsor
Bernard Bresslaw
Andrew Grainger
Richard Gauntlett
Jacqueline Dunnley
Rachel Woolrich
Melanie Holloway
Natelie Holtom
Jonathon Blazer
Julian Essex Spurrier
The Crew
Barry Cryer & Dick Vosbugh
Tim Parkin
Paul Robinson
Kathryn Waters
Tudor Davies
Martin Witts



This was an attempt to resurrect the glorious days of Carry On London as this was harping back to the days of traditional Music Hall Vaudeville comprising of comic sketches, song and dance and solo variety spots.  There was a basic story line through the skits of a 1940’s repertory theatre company by the sea.  This allowed the writers Cryer and Vosburgh to reach back into the Carry On films and pluck classic dialogue for use in the show. 

The show starts with Barbara Windsor rushing down the central aisle exclaiming, “Cor, What a Carry On”, and things just got better from then on with Bernard Bresslaw playing up to Barbara as though they were both enjoying themselves.  Although the gags may have seen better days this was a true homage to the Carry On genre.

Whilst back in Pinewood, Jim Dale and Co were struggling against the Spanish Inquisition and the poor Freeman script in Carry On Columbus, coach loads of working class holidaymakers were having a raucous time with the real Carry Oners