Carry On

Let Sleeping Bags Lie

"The Carry On team - refusing the let sleepng bags lie!" 

"What's a nice girl like you doing with an old cow?"

"I'm taking her to the bull"

"Couldn't your father do that?"

"No, it has to be the bull!!" 


German Poster

Danish Poster


Running Time - 88m Colour Certificate - A
Budget - 208,500 UK Release - February 1969
Shot - 7 October 1968 - 22 November 1968
Foreign Titles
Netherlands - Girls Camping Holidays, Lets Go - Poland
Portugal - The Trouble With Camping Spain - Control Yourself, Hiker
South America - I Want a Nudist Girlfriend


The Stars

Sidney James
Kenneth Williams
Charles Hawtrey
Joan Sims
Terry Scott
Hattie Jacques
Bernard Bresslaw
Barbara Windsor
Julian Holloway
Dilys Laye
Peter Butterworth
Betty Marsden
Tricia Noble
Amelia Baynton
Brian Oulton
Patricia Franklin
Derek Francis

Anna Karen
Valerie Leon

Sid Boggle
Dr Soaper
Charlie Muggins
Joan Fussy
Peter Potter
Mrs Haggard
Bernie Lugg
Jim Tanner
Anthea Meeks
Joshua Fiddler
Harriet Potter
Mrs Fussy
Store Manager
Farmer's Daughter
Hefty Girl
Store Assistant

The Crew
Peter Rogers
Gerald Thomas
Talbot Rothwell
Eric Rogers
Ernest Steward BSc
Alfred Roome


Sid Boggle (Sid James) is trying to get his girlfriend Joan Fussy (Joan Sims), and his friend Bernie Lugg (Bernard Bresslaw) and his girlfriend Anthea Meeks (Dilys Laye) to spend a week at a nudist campsite.  Upon arrival at ‘Paradise’ Sid is rather upset when he finds out that it is different to one he has seen advertised at the cinema, so instead he sets his sights on the group of school girls who are holidaying at the same camp. 

Peter Potter (Terry Scott) is having a bad time with yet another camping holiday, made even worse this time by having to share his tent with his wife, Harriet (Betty Marsden) who never stops talking and Charlie Muggins (Charles Hawtrey) a pathetic hitchhiker.

Probably the most famous Carry On, which everyone knows, possibly due to the infamous bra-popping scene.   Kenneth Williams and Hattie Jacques are on top form with the same kind of repartee they enjoy in Carry On Matron and, in fact, a hint is dropped about their relationship from a previous medical Carry On.  Sid James plays the letcherer with his usual aplomb to Bresslaw’s bumbling gentle giant.  Terry Scott is pushed to the front with a large part and holds up very well as the hen-pecked husband. This is one to induct a novice to the Carry On genre.

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