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SAYLE, Alexei

He was at the forefront when the alternative comedy scene appeared in the UK by being The Comedy Stores First master of ceremonies, and is a stand-up comedian with an anarchistic take on the world, who first came to the attention of the British viewing public in a guest spot on The Young Ones.  This led on to his award-winning series, The Alexei Sayle Show.  He has had limited success in films, usually taking smaller roles and cameos.  We see him enter the Carry On arena in Columbus as Achmed, the useless assistant to Fatima (Sara Crowe), who has a spyhole into Christopher Columbus' map shop which is hidden in a belly button.


He is the famous veteran of American vaudeville, best known as Sergeant Bilko in the long-running The Phil Silvers Show and also for his role in the film version of A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, the stage version of which has starred many a Carry Oner, like Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtrey and Frankie Howerd. He plays the wily, boastful in Follow That Camel when it became apparent that Sid James was unavailable. He takes the part and basically plays Sergeant Bilko but saying that, it fits into the film quite well. He was brought into the Carry Ons when Rank insisted that Peter Rogers should include a leading American comic to boost US sales. It was not a successful experiment and although, Silvers enters into the Carry On spirit on screen, he caused problems during production with his ‘star’ behaviour, and found it difficult to fit in to the tight discipline of the Carry On shooting schedule. The highest paid Carry On stars up until this point were Kenneth Williams and Sid James who were both on £5,000 a piece per film but Silvers got £30,000 for his role. Died November 1, 1985 (age 74) in Century City, California.


Tony Slattery, the regular from Whose Line Is It Anyway? plays Baba the Messenger in Columbus.  He has also appeared on our screens in comedy shows like Just A Gigolo and has also delved into films appearing in Peter's Friends.


Jack plays one of the raw recruits in Sergeant but is probably remembered more famously for the racist Eddie Booth in Love Thy Neighbour. Other parts he has played on TV are the son-in-law in For The Love Of Ada and one of Eddie Yates’ fellow bin-men in Coronation Street.


The glamorous star of German, Italian, French, American and British films, Elke Sommer is one of the few non-British actresses who have featured in the Carry Ons, never mind taking a leading role in one. As Professor Vrooshka, the Russian archaeologist, in Behind, she gives a spirited performance, her fractured English giving another dimension to the laughter lines. Film director Vittorio d’Sica introduced her to films when he saw her as the winner of a local beauty contest. She has worked in Europe and Hollywood and Deadlier Than The Male ranks amongst her British films. It was this film that brought her to the attention of the Carry On group, as it was produced by Betty Box, the wife of Carry On producer, Peter Rogers. She also appeared in A Shot In The Dark, the second of the Pink Panther films, with her husband Peter Sellers.


STONE, Marianne

Usually given to portraying waitresses, barmaids, shop assistants & other working class parts, over her fifty years in the profession, she has nevertheless appeared in hundreds of stage shows and films. Born in 1923 into a musical family she won a music scholarship to Camden School for Girls, then onto RADA in 1940, making her West-end debut in The King Maker. She appears in the Carry Ons as Nurse Able in Nurse, a girl at Dirty Dick's in Jack, Mrs Parker in Screaming, Landlady in Don't Lose Your Head, Mum in Doctor, her largest role as Maud in At Your Convenience, Mrs Drew in Girls, Maggie in Dick and Mrs Rowan in Behind. She appeared on British TV in shows like Bless This House, Secret Army & Return of the Saint. Died  December 21, 2009 (age 87) in London, England.


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