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The brilliant comedy who became a stage director at the Cambridge Arts Theatre and The Royal Shakespeare Company, gives a remarkable performance in a cameo as Senna, the nagging wife of Hengist Pod, in Cleo.  She was also perhaps one of Kenneth Williams' closest friends. She was married to John Thaw who played Morse.


HANDL, Irene

Irene appeared in two of the earlier Carry Ons, Nurse and Constable. In Nurse, she plays the wife who bores her husband, Perce (Bill Owen) to pieces when she is trying to fill in some insurance forms. This was one of director, Gerald Thomas’ favourite scenes. In Constable, she plays an irate mum who is searching for her little Willie. Irene was a veteran comedy actress, one of her major roles being in For The Love Of Ada and she was also a best-selling novelist. Died  November 29, 1987 (age 85) in Kensington, London.


Anita was a singing star in the sixties and was in two of the Carry Ons. In Follow That Camel, she plays Corktip, a belly dancer and fortune teller who tempts Beau (Jim Dale) back to her place where she is an agent for the sheik. In Doctor she plays Nurse Clark who has a major crush on Doctor Kilmore (Jim Dale again).


William played the titular role in the very first Carry On. He was Sergeant Grimshawe in Sergeant and it was his job to train the motley crew of new recruits for what was to be his last time before retirement. He appeared in scores of British films and was the first incarnation of Dr Who. Died April 23, 1975 (age 67) in Marden, Kent.


Imogen was once known as The Countess Of Cleavage, a title she lived up to in her only Carry On, Loving. She played Jenny Grub, a shy girl with overbearing relatives who really blossoms when she moves out into a flat with some other girls. She later tried to get away from her busty image by joining the Royal Shakespeare Company. Died  November 16, 1980 (age 38) in Wimbledon, London, England from a drugs overdose.


Carol, famous for playing the luscious Sharon in Please Sir, appeared in two Carry Ons. In Abroad, she is Marge, a holidaymaker looking for some action and in Behind, she is trying to escape the attentions of two amorous married men.

HAYES, Melvyn

Melvyn Hayes plays Gunner Shorthouse in England alongside Sergeant Major Bloomer (Windsor Davies) with whom he had previously starred in It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum. He shot to fame as one of Cliff Richard’s buddies in his films during the sixties, like The Young Ones and Wonderful Life.

HAYES, Patricia

Patricia was a veteran of many comedies including ‘Til Death Us Do Part and The Lady Is A Tramp and she won great acclaim for her TV portrayal of Edna, The Inebriate Woman. She was only in one Carry On, playing the part of Mrs Beasley, a patient with innumerable complaints in Again Doctor. She was also the mother of another Carry Oner, Richard O’Callaghan. Died
September 19, 1998.


Percy is a character actor who specialised in Cockney soldiers in films such as The Bridge On The River Kwai, Tunes Of Glory and The Guns Of Navarone. He played two such tough-guy roles in his Carry Ons. In Jack, he is Mr Angel, the ship’s strict bosun and in Cowboy, he plays Charlie the no-nonsense barman. Died  December 6, 1992 (age 72) in Kent, England


Donald is perhaps best known as one of the very ‘English’ officers in It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum. His one Carry On role was that of the University Dean in Behind, who sends off his archaeologist, Professor Crump (Kenneth Williams) with visiting Roman authority, Professor Voushka (Elke Sommer). Died June 4, 2011.


Joan has had many screen, stage and TV roles, normally as an eccentric aunt type character. Her most famous role was probably Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. She also had an outstanding role as an eccentric in Clockwise. She is the officious sister in Nurse, an aristocratic drunk in Constable, a matron in Regardless and perhaps, her best Carry On role, Jenny Grubb’s overprotective mother in Loving. She also had a small role in Girls. Died October 17, 1998 (age 92) in Colchester, Essex, England.


Julian is the son of the well-known comedian and character actor Stanley Holloway. He is a regular Carry On irregular with 7 supporting roles to his credit. He is the ticket collector, who punches Lady Ponsonby’s (Angela Douglas) ticket in Follow That Camel, the coach driver, who accidentally pulls off Babs’ (Barbara Windsor) nightie in Camping, the long suffering Major who assists Sidney Ruff-Diamond (Sid James) in Up The Khyber. In Doctor he plays Simmonds; in Loving he plays Adrian, a photographer; in Henry he is one of the King’s sidekicks, Sir Thomas; and in England he is Major Butcher.

HOOKS, Linda

Linda was a beauty queen and hostess from TV’s Sale Of The Century and she made several small appearances in the Carry Ons. She was one of Madame Desiree’s (Joan Sims) Birds of Paradise in Dick and plays Nurses in both Behind and England.


Donald is a Welsh actor with other 300 movies to his credit, including classic films like Where Eagles Dare and The Sea Wolves. He plays the vicious First Lieutenant in Jack. Died  October 13, 1991 (age 67) in Coimbra, Portugal. He Died in
October 13, 1991.


Renee is a Scottish actress who toured the Music Halls between the wars as part of the celebrated Houston Sisters. She appears in small roles in Cabby and Spying and gives a memorable performance as Vic’s (Kenneth Cope) overbearing mother in At Your Convenience. Died  February 9, 1980 (age 77) in London, England.

HUGHES, Geoffrey

Geoffrey is perhaps remembered for his most famous role as Eddie Yates in Coronation Street and also holding a supporting role in such great comedies as Keeping Up Appearances and The Royle Family, can be seen amongst the workers in At Your Convenience. Died  July 27, 2012 (age 68) in The Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England.


Wilfred plays a role at the start of the series as the infamous ‘naughty old buzzer’ the Colonel, who drives the nurses insane with his betting in Nurse. He does, however, get his comeuppance in the end with a stunt involving a daffodil. He normally plays government officials in films and TV. He threatened to sue Peter Rogers claiming that someone else’s bottom was used in the daffodil gag and withdrew the claim when it was pointed out that no bottom is ever seen, it is all done by suggestion. Rogers had the last laugh when Hyde-White admitted he hadn’t read the script before agreeing to the part, he had just jumped at the chance to return to the UK from Hollywood so he could indulge in his favourite pastime, horse racing at the Grand National. Died May 6, 1991 (age 87) in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California.


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