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A well-known character actor and revue artist, he plays a flustered upper class gentleman in many a British film. He is in fine form as the First Sea Lord of the Admirality in Jack. He died in 1971. Died  April 20, 1971 (age 73) in Brighton, East Sussex, England.

PARSONS, Nicholas

Known to millions of TV viewers as the host of Sale Of The Century and radio’s Just A Minute, he has a small role as a lecherous wine taster in Regardless. He Died on January 28, 2020.


Lance is a comedian with a lopsided toothy grin and appears in Cruising as Haines, the ship’s chef, who has some bizarre ideas about cooking. He landed the part when Charles Hawtrey wanted star billing and Peter Rogers was unwilling to allow it. Percival, who entered show business with a calypso group, was spotted by Peter Rogers in One Over The Eight, a stage review starring Sheila Hancock. About the same time he was also spotted by Ned Sherrin, who promptly signed him up for the TV satire, That Was The Week That Was, for which he wrote sketches and songs. An accident in 1970 took him out of the business for a while but he returned as a writer. He scripted Whodunnit for Thames TV and was an inventor of game shows and he was also a TV guest on programmes like Channel 4’s word game Countdown. He Died on January 6, 2015.


The ARP warden of Dad’s Army was a barman in Loving and a fire brigade chief who debags the Mayor in Girls. He is a veteran of Round The Horne with Kenneth Williams and second cousin to other show business Pertwee’s, Jon and Michael. Died  May 27, 2013 (age 86) in Truro, Cornwall, England.


Jon made his name big-time as Doctor Who but he gives four delightful Carry On cameo performances. In Cleo, he is a soothsayer, conjuring up visions of disaster. In Cowboy he is the decrepit Sheriff Albert Earp, brought to a sudden end by The Rumpo Kid (Sid James) and in Screaming he plays Dr Fettle, the police surgeon destroyed Frankenstein-like by his own creation and lastly in Columbus as The Duke of Costa Brava. Died May 20, 1996 (age 76) in Timber Lake, Connecticut.

PIPER, Jacki

Jacki is the romantic interest in three Carry Ons, but has appeared in four. As Sally in Loving, she is the model who falls for shy Bertie Muffett after several comic misunderstandings. In Up The Jungle she is June to Terry Scott’s overgrown Jungle Boy, and in At Your Convenience she plays the canteen worker who inspires both the boss’s son and the union leader. She is also the sister in Matron. Her ability to melt into the background earns her the admiration of Mr Boosey in Up The Jungle, where she is dressed up to her neck as a Victorian maid. He tells her, "You could walk starkers through a foreign lesion outpost and nothing would happen". With only a slight change of style she can become a luscious beauty, a talent which made her a valuable part of the team. In recent years she has been an active participant of the Carry On reunions.



He is best remembered on TV as The Young Ones' hippy Neil.  He has also appeared in Filthy, Rich and Catflap and Roll Over Beethoven.  He also took the original French Magic Roundabout series and scripted and voiced them for the English-speaking market.  In Carry On Columbus he plays Wazir, the advisor to the Sultan of Turkey (Rik Mayall).


A portly Viennese actor, renowned for playing the sinister villains, he has a small part in Regardless as a character in Kenneth Connors’ spy fantasy. He also plays The Fat Man, one of Dr Crow’s henchmen in Carry On Spying. Died 25 July, 1979.

POSTA, Adrienne

She is one of the sixties swingers and best known for her role in To Sir, With Love in 1967, and she appears as a camper, Norma Baxter in Behind.


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