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O'BRIEN, Richard

Richard makes an appearance as a cowboy in Carry On Cowboy.  He is the creator and star of The Rocky Horror Show and its sequel Shock Treatment.  He has also made an appearance in films such as Flash Gordon and Spiceworld.  He was the first presenter of The Crystal Maze on TV.


He is the son of comedienne, Patricia Hayes and is now a serious stage actor but he started his career playing two young lads in the Carry Ons. In Loving he is the innocent Bertie Muffett, who registers his hobbies at the Wedded Bliss Agency, as making model aeroplanes out of milk bottle tops. When he is paired off with sexy Sally (Jacki Piper) they are a couple that are chalk and cheese but in their own way hit it off somehow. His second role was in At Your Convenience, where he plays his better role as Lewis Boggs, the son of the factory owner, WC Boggs (Kenneth Williams), whose new fangled ideas get him into conflict with the unions. When he falls for the canteen tea-girl there is rivalry between him and the union leader Vic (Kenneth Cope).

O’SHEA, Milo

Milo is an Irish character actor associated with the Abbey Theatre in Dublin and he can be seen amongst Sid James’ taxi drivers in Cabby. Died April 2, 2013 (age 86) in Manhattan, New York.


A familiar face from British television, he has starred in numerous sitcoms including Man About The House, Robin’s Nest and Me And My Girl. He plays Robin Stevens, the leader of the young saboteurs in Teacher. He is the mastermind behind their campaign to keep the headmaster at the school. O’Sullivan displays all the comedy potential he later developed on TV. He starred with another Carry On Irregular, Melvyn Hayes in the Cliff Richard films of the 60’s like Wonderful Life and The Young Ones.


He has appeared in two of the Carry Ons.  He was the store manager in Camping, who assures Charlie Muggins (Charles Hawtrey) that "it is the very best shop in town", and Brutus in Cleo. Died  April 13, 1992 (age 84) in London, England.

OWEN, Bill

He appears in three of the early Carry Ons. In Sergeant he plays Corporal Copping, battling against all odds to kick some sense into the new recruits. In Nurse he is the impatient patient with his leg slung up in plaster, and in Cabby he plays Smiley, one of Sid’s drivers. Owen, who has been a dance band musician and singer, made his feature film debut in The Way To The Stars in 1945. He is more popularly known on TV as Compo, the scruffy senile delinquent in the TV comedy series, Last Of The Summer Wine. He died in 2000. Died  July 12, 1999 (age 85) in Highgate, London, England.


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